10 Year Old Author to Direct Audio Publishing of His Novel – Facebook post by Jeff Hays

TOMORROW NIGHT! At 8pm CT, 9pm ET, I will be narrating the first half of Dean Hanson’s “Nightmare Spider Apocalypse!” If you haven’t heard, Dean Hanson is the son of Damien Hanson, an author of several Gamelit and LitRPG novels, including published titles such as “Douchemage” and “Dungeons and Dillholes,” and an upcoming title with a really badass cover called “Aethermarked.”

Dean is only 10 years old, and he’s a survivor of a rare condition called moyamoya disease. I’ll leave a link with more info on this at the bottom of this post, but the gist of it is, he at one point didn’t have proper blood flow to his brain, which eventually resulted in him having strokes, and even losing function of the left side of his body. He made it through three grueling brain surgeries, spending months in the hospital, but despite this hardship, he’s managed to recover well enough to write and publish a book on Kindle!I was inspired by this kid’s struggle, so I reached out to Damien and offered to produce the audio for Dean’s book for free.

We will be releasing it on the SBT website and app in a few weeks, and 100% of royalties will be going to Damien and Dean. After a month on our platform, Dean will then be allowed to publish his own audiobook anywhere he wants. Soundbooth Theater will also be donating some money to either the hospital in which Dean had his surgeries, or the Moyamoya foundation, once we finish the audio.AND, tomorrow night is when I’m recording. It’s pretty short, and I’m streaming the first half with the author and his MOM joining me to direct!

So, you guys get to meet the author, ask him questions, and listen to me narrate it live! If this sounds fun to you, please join us tomorrow night, and share this post with anyone else who likes to see kids triumph over hardships!

Here’s a link to the Kindle version of Nightmare Spider Apocalypse: https://www.amazon.com/Nightmare-Spider…/dp/B0949HNNRKWe will be publishing to the Soundbooth Theater platform first, so to get notified when it’s released, visit www.soundbooththeater.com to sign up for our newsletter, or just watch for the link here!

For more info on moyamoya disease:https://moyamoya-foundation.org/

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