An Interview with Child Author Dean Hanson

So you wrote a novella at the age of nine. I’m impressed. What can you tell us about yourself?

Hi everyone, I’m Dean. I am 11 in Korean age and 10 years old in American age. I am from South Korea and I am also American because of my fat dad. I speak American English and also Korean.

That is quite the unique backstory. I am impressed. Well I have read your book, Nightmare Spider Apocalypse, and it is really good. Especially for your age. Do you have plans to write more?

I want to write more books but that is a little delayed because I have been busy lately.

Understandable. So who influences your writing? Who are your favorite authors?

My favorite author is my dad, because his stuff is really funny and it also has lots of cool action, great pictures, and always an ending that feels good. I also like my writing because it is funny and I can live in a story kinda like it was a game. And my other favorite author is Joseph Phelps because my dad really likes his stuff and they talk a lot on Facebook.

What are your favorite writing perspectives?

I like all writing perspectives because every story should be told in its own way. My favorite genre is comedy because I like to laugh loudly and have fun.

Do you have a favorite youtuber?

My favorite booktuber is Pat and his sidekick Jen. They play Minecraft and Roblox on YouTube and they also make comic books. My dad’s friend and fellow kid’s author Thomas Shuler gave me one for Christmas and it was amazing. I read that book like ten times.

Well Dean thanks for answering my questions. I hope it was fun and not too much like homework! Ladies and gents that was Dean Hanson! You can find his book, Spider Nightmare Apocalypse, on Amazon and, soon, at Kyobo Books in Korea!

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