The Day I Drank a Potion in a Weird Game: A Review of Wacky Wizards, Available on Roblox

This game is called Wacky Wizards. In this game you can make potions and look for ingredients while doing quests. There are fun updates every week and there is a boss every hour that you must defeat by using potions that you have created. This game is a very open one in which you can try to make potions out of anything and, much like a science experiment, you must figure out what ingredients make good potions, and what ingredients make bad ones or nothing at all. And sadly there aren’t any guinea pigs so you have to test them on yourself (or on another player teehee). Be prepared for chaos. Some potions can make you go crazy or make you not be able to control yourself. Especially powerful potions might even break the game and kill the server for everyone! Try putting every ingredient in the cauldron and tell me what happens in the comments!!! And be ready to possibly kill the server!

So let’s look at what chaos I made!

I am a giant nuke. Please help me!

Yes, I am a giant nuke. Maybe that sounds stupid but this isn’t just a game skin. I am actually, in the game, an atomic bomb. If someone touches me or if I touch something then I will explode in a huge fiery mushroom cloud of death. It really is quite amazing and super funny besides. I pranked my friend with it but I don’t think he was too happy about it!

Inspired I sat down and started thinking about bombs. I already had made the best bomb in the world. What could I do? Well, I came up with another stupidly dumb idea which was funnier. Check out this picture of me. Behold! My dumbest invention yet, the Bomb Boxer!!!

It is so heavy, way too strong. and it will explode in about a minute. EVERYBODY RUN!!!

This is dumb, even for me, but I have an even dumber invention that my friend made me think of. It’s quite literally insane. I present to you the Flying Noodle Boxer! A thousand times better than the Bomb Boxing Maniac above. I knew even before I made it that it was going to be so super dumb but I couldn’t resist.

Did I just turn into a pokemon? I don’t know at all.

This is the dumbest thing in the world and yet the most awesome. What kind of crazy man made this a thing and why did they add it to the game add this? It’s so ugly!

I don’t know what happened but my friend didn’t give me the right stuff.

Lots of funny situations happen inside the game. Like the time my friend made some awesome potions and gave me the wrong one. I drank it and my arms exloded! I don’t know how my friend forgot the good potion but I now know to double check before drinking anything he gives to me. I would rather take a drink from Billy at his new tavern in Field of Battle than drink another potion from my friend!

Yo Billy, got anymore drinks? I like Billy’s good stuff

Sidenote: Billy’s drinks are the best. And they are free. Just watch out for the occasional drunk demon.

Why? My friend is a worm. because he wants to be a worm. Lol

One of my friends likes to be a worm for reasons I can’t understand. I don’t know why he likes the worm so much and one day I hope a giant bird monster comes down and eats him because that would be super funny. And because he didn’t give me the right drink (good stuff).

Thank you for reading. This is the dumbest article ever in the entire universe but I had to write it because it is what is on my mind and the game is so great. My friend and I play so much of this game. It’s very fun and creative at the same time. Thanks to Roblox any game can be created and I want to thank Roblox for making this platform. Roblox, if you are reading this, thank you. I like it a lot.

Dean Hanson is our resident ten year old author and the writer of Nightmare Spider Apocalypse. You can find his book on Amazon!

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