My First Day as a Agent – An Hour Playthrough of Brook Heaven

Today I decided to try out a new game called Brook Heaven. Since I wasn’t sure what it was exactly other than a role playing game where we all act a part, I started out as an agent. Was it a real job in the game? No. Did that matter? Not really, because people in the game can do that and everyone respects that and acts accordingly. An agent of what? I don’t know. Why? I guess because it is my job. The game is pretty vague on reasons.

I am an agent

One thing I noticed quickly was that the game is full of criminals and vandals. Players here seem to like to spend their time throwing stuff around and making chaos. So I quickly changed my job and joined Brook Heaven’s finest. I became a police officer. And since my neighborhood was super messy it was my job to clean it up.


One thing I quickly found out is that I am not good at being an agent or a cop. But I am good at driving. I can go pretty fast and also I don’t crash often. And in this game crashing doesn’t do anything bad so you don’t have to worry about anything. Also roleplaying and acting out crashes or reactions to crazy drivers like myself was a lot of fun!


After I quit being a police officer I assembled a party-mobile and we rolled the streets dancing and searching for my missing friend. Where had she run off to? Later it turned out that her dad had made her go so we had been wasting our time looking. But it hadn’t felt like that. It was a super fun time.

It was annoying because someone crashed into my humvee.

I got a humvee. My humvee didn’t last long though because in the roleplay we pretended the suspension was broken and that the engine had gotten damaged but it was okay. We had other things to do anyways.

This is when the gang starts

Like make a gang. I’d already been a police officer, and we’d had our party mobile then gone off-roading with the humvee. Now it was time to actually be criminals and make a gang. It didn’t work well but it was pretty funny.

Our gang is stupidly small.

Sometimes half of the fun is in the attempts though. It was a very fun time and I am happy that I played it with my friends.

Welcome to some airport.

At the finish we went to England and it was super dumb. That’s it for my article, not a review but a playthrough. If you liked it and want me to do more of them let me know in the comments. If want to see more of these articles sign up to our site! And if you want to read more stuff by me, check out my books at

Oh and if you want to get the book signed let me know so we can figure out how to do that. I live in Korea but I have signed a few books now from very fun and good people and I can definitely do that for everybody who wants it! Just message the site 🙂

Goodbye everybody! Thanks for reading!

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