My First Day Of Killing Spiders

I played a game called Kill It With Fire and it was funny. I first started with the tutorial. The tutorial said to grab a clipboard — now you see, the clipboard is an item and there are items hidden in levels.

Also did I mention that you can unlock rooms?

Certain rooms having to be unlocked. And the rooms have trash like books, vases, pictures etc. There are so many places that spiders can hide at.

Hey guys look I made a big mess

Yay, I ruined the house.! To be honest half of the fun of the game is breaking the house or wherever you are. You can make fires too. But that isn’t the main objective. To see those you have to look at the clipboard. Like in this picture I had had to kill a spider, take the spider tracker from the closet, and now I have to find more equipment, do some ???, and throw the book at ’em! Which is really just code for, “OK, go back to killing spiders.” I don’t mind if I do. In every level the doors have numbers and they mean you have to kill enough spiders to get in that room. The number is how many spiders you have to kill.


I kind of burnt everything in the closet because of the spiders. As I am sure you know from real life, it is something we all want to do sometimes. And lucky me, I got to do it in a game! (And is Spider Nightmare Apocalypse!)

This is the new level and I already ruined it. Because I hate houses and furniture. You should see how I punish my sofa at home.

I am so bad at this. why do I keep ruining things?! I just wanted to kill a spider. Or maybe five hundred. To be honest it is super easy to knock stuff over in this game. Especially when you don’t want it to fall over. It is almost like the spiders are wizards who are purposely making you knock over stuff so that when the mom or dad of the game come home they will be angry.

Oh a new room to ruin! Er, I mean, let’s kill spiders!

Yep. Another room that I get to mess with. This is a game with lots of rooms and lots of stuff and lots of me breaking those rooms and all of that stuff. When do I stop ruining things? The answer is clear — I won’t stop until I kill all spiders!

Oh shiny key!

I found a key lock and I found the key for it. I wonder what’s inside. I hope it isn’t a billion spiders! But if it is, well, I could just burn them all and have cooked spider salad for dinner.

Secret room with good crap!

Also I get to unlock the safe at some point. But not right now. Because apparently the gods that rule this game are fickle and they do not bow to the demands of mere mortals like myself. Or probably there’s a key or code I need to find. One of the two.

Aw my demo finished.

Yeah, you have to buy it. Unless you are a pirate. In which case, “Yarr! Heave-ho, matey! Tharr she blows.” I know, buying stuff sucks but these guys don’t make a lot of money I think since they are Indy developers and so let’s all pay for the game and be good people. Anyways, that was my playthrough of the Kill It With Fire demo. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great week and feel free to subscribe for more free game articles by me!

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