Who is Hamster Rick?

Once upon a time, in the Strawberry Woods, there lived a tiny little hamster named Rick. His brothers and sisters were always bigger and stronger than Rick was, and he always felt bad about it. So every morning he would do all the push ups and sit ups that he could, and every night he would run three times around Wetfur Lake. He did this again and again, day after day, all the while feeling bad about how small and weak he was. And then one day he heard something that changed his life forever.

Feel the burn!

“Mom, Dad, I sure wish I were lucky like Rick. He is so big and strong.”


Hamster Rick ran to Wetfur Lake and looked into its glassy surface. He looked over his reflection. And he smiled one big happy hamster smile. Over the year of hard work and exercise he had become the strongest hamster in the world. And in that moment he was also the happiest hamster in the world.

Read more about Hamster Rick and his heroic exploits in the Fairy Tale Adventures of Dames Handsome!

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Published by Damien Lee Hanson

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