Dames Handsome releases the fourth book in the Fairy Knights series:

Inspiring Children to Explore, Have Fun, and Level Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Gimpo Si, South Korea – On November 16th, Dames Handsome will release Trees’n Tricks, the fourth book in his Fairy Knights series. Get ready for a mashup of spooky creatures doing wacky things, a rather serious high-stakes clash, and fairy tale references from Western Europe, Russia, and Korea. A fun read for Halloween fans, this spooky monster adventure is also an opportunity for children to explore, have fun, and level up.

Ching Goo, Oma Bell, and Hamster Rick, a.k.a The Fairy Knights, together with their friend Dames Handsome, are back for their fourth adventure, one that takes them into the Kingdom of Dark Deep, run by Prince Charming—who is anything but. A dark spell has turned the prince into a horrible orange monster, and he has only one day left where it can be broken. Determined to help him regain his human appearance, the Knights decide to organize a spooky pumpkin contest to find the one person who would love Prince Charming for who he really is. On their journey of creepy places to find true love, the three friends  face their weirdest enemies yet, and wind up having to escape from a forcefield prison.

“When authors write, they have a message they want to tell,” says the author. “And the most profound lesson that I have learned from all the books that I’ve read is that no matter how hard things seem at times, there is always someone else who has it harder, and they aren’t giving up. By reading this book, children will learn to deal with crises common to their age group. So far, I have dealt with feelings of jealousy, anger, sadness, imposter syndrome, and self-esteem issues. I plan to continue in that vein. They will also learn to, as one little fan told me, be good so I can level up and be a hero.”

Tricks’n Trees is a page-turning  adventure packed with unexpected plot twists. While entertaining and fun, it also highlights the power of love and friendship to overcome obstacles, and encourages kids to be tolerant and compassionate towards other people, as well as themselves—for sometimes even good people do bad things, because they feel desperate and don’t know what else to do. 

Tricks’n Trees will be available on Amazon and other major retailers.

Paperback ISBN: 2370001591103

Paperback Price: $7.99

Length: 171 pages

About Dames Handsome:

Dames Handsome is a teacher who loves making stories for the younger ones. A small town Wisconsin native, he found his passion for teaching and writing in college, and made a vow to find a way to pursue it. When a private school in Korea offered him a one-year contract, he seized the opportunity and left his corporate job with Dell computers. He taught kindergarten at first, then an array of ages, mostly elementary.  Dames Handsome currently resides in South Korea, together with his family.

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