The Cursed Tree by 6th Grade Duo Team Pretty Yojadul

Once upon a time there was a boy. Every morning he hunted unicorns because he loved unicorn horns.

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One day he met Grandfather Oak, the tree grandfather. The tree grandfather looked very angry and he said to the boy, “Give me all of your unicorn horns.”

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The boy was scared. “What? A talking tree?” he asked in surprise.

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“Yep!” said Grandfather Oak. “I am talking and I am a tree.”

The boy wasn’t scared anymore. Instead he was curious. “Why do you want my unicorn horns?” he asked.

“You killed a lot of unicorns. But if you give the unicorn horns to me, I shall cherish and honor them and then you’ll be able to escape from here. But if you do not give them to me, then I will make you into a tree like me!”

“Oh my god!” the boy cried. He didn’t want to be a tree, be he also didn’t want to give up his unicorn horns. So he started to run away. Behind him he could here the tree stomping after him. Luckily he came upon a lush green grassy field full of rocket sheep. He jumped on the back of one and it blasted off in fright, carrying him away and all of the way to his home.

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The next morning he went into the mountain to hunt some more unicorns. But when he was at the top, Grandfather Oak tore out of the dirt and met him. He was angry. “You tricked me,” he bellowed, the winds of his voice blasting back the boys hair from his forehead. “You tricked me and now you have to be punished.”

“Wait!” the boy plead. But it was too late. Grandfather Oaks waved his branches and the boy’s feet stuck into the ground. His arms thrust upwards and from his fingers shot green leaves and twigs. In but a few moments he had become an old, wide oak. And the tree grandfather had changed into a young human!


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