Check out My Instagram For 5 Second Story Chapters!

Hey everybody, Dames here, running ragged and just trying to keep everyone entertained haha. If you missed it, check out the site for the free book coloring contest. We are talking grade A physical copy signed by the author, so jump on in, pick out the picture you want, color it and send it to He, me and another author will be looking through and picking out the one we like best, but we’ll show the top ten right here on the site. It’s a fun game, one of many we have planned, so jump on in and join us!

But that isn’t why I am here today. I am here to tell you all about something else that is quite special to me. I am here to tell you about my Instagram, and my 5 second reads.

Let me show you a taste of what I do. I summarize the Fairy Knight books into quick and digestible bits of story, share new pictures, and make kids memes for the young ones to enjoy! And the story continues of course, small and in sync with the real print copies. Have a catch up and enjoy!

Want the full books? Check them out on Amazon!

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I am the founder of Damien Hanson Books. Come check out awesome authors right here at my website!

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