This is Really Hard. (A difficult but fascinating look at an engineering game made by a real engineer.)

Today I have a plan. Today I am going to make airplanes, tanks, and every other vehicle that I can. I expect this is going to suck a whole lot lol.


Frist I went to youtube. There are a bunch of designs made and tested by various youtubers for this program and using that I built something I wasn’t able to build. It was horrible at time and confusing. Fun though. Working with a video teacher wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.


The hardest part of doing it all was constantly failing. Over and over again. But eventually I succeeded.


Like you can see here. I made a tank and the hardest part of that was getting it to fly. But now my tank is flying. The YouTube tutorial helped me a ton because I don’t really have too many real engineering skills yet.

i’m going to go into the lava pit

I was going to test my tank in the lava pit but the Maus design was super slow and was super bad at climbing even the tiniest mountains.

above the void
how the heck

I made a very dumb decision and went into the ocean but then this happend. As soon as I entered the water. my very heavy tank dropped like a rock and squished through the mud out the bottom of the map.

imagine someone going to the battlefield and seeing this

I have no idea how someone made this but i have seen many more difficult things on the way. The Engineering game is full of creative and inventive people, you and old, and you’d be surprised at all of the things they can do.

Anyways that was a great experience and I hope you enjoyed it. This game’s name on Roblox is Plane Crazy and if you go there then you can make your dream creation come true!

Dean Hanson writes books. Check him out!

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