Meet the Isekai Kids!

Hi everyone! I’m Olivia Green, star of the Isekai Kids stories! Let me tell you how I ended up living an adventure in a place called Otherworld.

It all started while I was out hitting the garage sales with my mom. Depending on where you’re from, you might call it a yard sale or a tag sale. It’s when people have too much stuff, and try to sell the good stuff they don’t use anymore. I’ve found it’s a great way to find games!

Anywho, I found this game called Isekai Kids at a garage sale, talked my mom into buying it, and ended up going on a great adventure!

My friends Jimmy, Grant, and I found ourselves transported to a magic land called Otherworld. At first, we were scared we would be stuck there forever. But we soon found out it was a world created specifically for kids to explore and have adventures without even leaving our rooms!

I hope you can join us on our adventures!

Published by Thomas Shuler

Hi there! A little something about me? I am a retired Navy vet, currently an Army Civilian, and an author. The last one is the important one for this site! I have been working on my Isekai Kids series for about a year, and believe it is my best work so far. In addition to working and writing, I'm an avid gamer, playing board games, Tabletop RPGs, and video games of all sorts. I've also been known to race mountain bikes and road bikes, but lately, I've been sticking to just riding around to see the sights. I have one other book: The Demon Eye Gem. It is currently not available as I work to revise and edit the manuscript, but will return before Christmas.

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