Surprising News — A Fairy Knights Fan fiction by SuMin Lee

Once upon a time there was a student name SuMin who liked adventure. She had a hamster friend named Rick and they would go on adventures everywhere. One day they heard about a strange tree so they went to investigate. They got to the tree and they were surprised. It wasn’t a tree. It was a giant monster!

“A monster is here and he is dangerous,” SuMin said. “Hamster Rick, let’s fight the monster!”

Hamster Rick squeaked and they charged. The monster smiled and the battle began. Hamster Rick headbutted the monster’s tree toe.

“Ow!” the monster yelled. “That hurt!”

The monster was angry so he tried to stomp SuMin and Hamster Rick. They dodged and weaved. The monster couldn’t kill them.

They grabbed the monster’s leg and climbed to his face. There they started punching him. Then Hamster Rick bit his nose!

“Oh no!” the monster moaned. “My only weakness!” Then he died.

SuMin and Hamster Rick were heroes and everyone had a party for them. Which just goes to show you — even big bad monsters can lose to small plucky heroes. The heroes just have to be brave enough to try!

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