Yin-Yang by (Anonymous Shy Student)

Life is a strange thing. Sometimes it is so fun and sometimes it is quite horrible. Everything in life is a balance, good times come to an end and are followed by bad times, some boring, some worse.

It’s like how math is horrible. I hate math. It always brings me a headache. Math Academy or School Math are terrible. Math doesn’t have anything good about it. So I want us all to give up on Math!

Photo by David Garrison on Pexels.com

And yet . . . without math I couldn’t excel at my favorite online games, like League of Legends. Knowing math allows me to optimize builds and teams. I can strategize wonderful things with my friends over numbers and equations. Then I can take my champion, Master Yee, and together we can win. We play well because of math, and we are ranked Silver Tier.

So, because of the horrible awful headache boringness of math, I get to be indescribably happy because I can play and rank well in my online games.

Everything is a balance.

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