Fairy Knights 4 has released

After the travails of the Pied Piper and that evil ninny Prince Picky, the Fairy Knights are stronger than ever before. But is Level 5 level enough for the Lands of Halloween? Ghosts and zombies might be the least of their worries, though, as an ancient evil lurks and one false step will not only awaken him . . . it will release him back into the multiverse! Fairy Knights 4

Read alone Grades 3-6, Read to them PreSchool – 2, the Fairy Knights offer a hilarious introduction to RPG stats while also dealing with the anxieties children commonly face at this age. Has your child ever felt not good enough because they could master something in 30 minutes? Have they ever got mean towards other children over jealousy? Have they ever said that they hate who they are? These are common anxieties I have dealt with my son and that feed the tension of the books. The Fairy Kids who compose the Fairy Knights don’t just battle the evils of the world, they battle the fears and dark thoughts within themselves and show children how to conquer them.

5 stars on Amazon – If you’ve got kids, grandkids, or know people with kids, this is perfect for them. And as a plus, I price them about as cheap as I can because I just want them out there to get read!

“Ching Goo, Oma Bell, and Rick the muscle-bound farting Hamster battle an evil Boglin, a hungry Snake, and a bone-crunching Giant. A fun-filled story for adults and kids alike. Love the dialogue repartee, schoolboy humor, and positive life lessons. Great illustrations, too. Perfect read for Elementary School age children.”

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