Julie the Rabbit by Anonymous Student

Once upon a time there was a hero rabbit. Her name was Julie. And I don’t mean she was a rabbit who was a hero. I mean that her job title was hero rabbit.

Hero rabbits save people and make the world a better place.

One day Julie was having fun with her friends and eating delicious rice, but on the TV she saw that the evil villain So-Gogi was battling with the people of Suwon City. She was very upset and she called the other heroes because the people were in danger. The fight was big, but they were the winners.

One day Julia got a peaceful phone call on her future TV. It was her hero rabbit partner.

“Hello Julie. I found someone in the Suwon City pit. I am going to investigate.”

Julie was worried about him. So, she went to the scene. There in the pit was a man with a broken leg. And her partner had broken her leg to when he tried to get the man. Julie thought fast. She got a rope and made it into a cowboy lasso, then she threw it down into the pit and caught her partner. She pulled him up. Then she did the same thing with the man.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Everyone was very impressed with her bravery. They never expected that a small and cute hero rabbit could pull people out of a pit. Julie was given a commendation by the Rabbit Village Police.

“Julie’s a great hero rabbit,” the police said.

“Thank you. I’ll help people more.” Julie said. After that, she always did her best to help people and all of the people loved her.


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