Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ebooks for Kids and Teenagers!

Kids – The wonder of childhood. Still learning, still so imaginative and creative, well primed for the world of literature and all of the exciting lessons and stories contained within.

Once upon a time two fairy kids (and a hamster) wanted to become heroes . . .

★★★★★ “Ching Goo, Oma Bell, and Rick the muscle-bound farting Hamster battle an evil Boglin, a hungry Snake, and a bone-crunching Giant. A fun-filled story for adults and kids alike. Love the dialogue repartee, schoolboy humor, and positive life lessons. Great illustrations, too. Perfect read for Elementary School age children.”


livia Green loves games! She plays them all: Board Games, Table Top RPGs, and of course her favorites: Video Games! But none of them were “real.” That is until she stumbled upon a mysterious game at a garage sale . . .

★★★★★ “Children get sucked into a video game and go on quests, just like the stuff they play on their computer and consoles. It is wonderfully done and my only regret is that I tapped the wrong button and got the ebook instead of the physical copy.”

99 cents

Teenagers – A difficult time in many lives, our kids are becoming adults. They aspire to leave the nest, find romance, and experience the big wide world. But they still have some learning to do and dreams to figure out. And it is in these stressful years that it is nice to sometimes just shut out the world and curl up with a good novel.

In Eden Cavalleri’s world, zoos don’t exist. The Anthros do: a twisted place where cybernetics come to gawk at humans imprisoned behind glass . . .

★★★★★ “If you’re a fan of Divergent or The Hunger Games this book is easily on the same level. Caged is brilliantly crafted and won’t let you put it down.”

99 cents

Fred’s life begins at the end— when he’s been kicked out of his home and left to freeze to death on the street . . .

one I’ve ever read. Adding Fred’s fire element to his vampire abilities keeps the suspense going as you read on to see what amazing powers our protagonist, Fred, will discover next. This book kicks off a 5 book series in high gear. I highly recommend, and look forward to continuing the series.”

99 cents

Thanks for checking us out. We very much appreciate it. I hope that you found something that you like and, as always, have a wonderful day!.

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