When I First Changed My Avatar

Hey guys I’m back after like a month and this time we aren’t going to suffer in games. Today we are going to change our avatars. Here is a picture that has the info

woah I look good

This is the avatar editor and in here you can get free avatar items and get items by playing games. So basically this is you and you can change your look however you want.

the shop?

This is the avatar shop where you can buy and get free stuff or if you have robux you can spend it on items to get those items you used your robux on to look better. And yes I used some too. It’s not like you have to look cool but if you want to ask your mom or dad and if they say that it is okay to use real money on fake game money, then you can use it to buy fake stuff. Robux are what we use in roblox. But guys if you guys have robux then do not use it on stuff right away. This is an warning because robux aren’t easy to get. It’s rather hard and you have to use it wisely.


Here are the items you can buy but not only do you have to search for hours and hours to find them. There are so many and too many items so roblox has made categories for the different types of items. The categories are used for finding the items in that category. For example, let’s say that I want a premium item, then you just go to the categories and click premium. It’s that easy and it won’t let you down at least one bit.

the ninja animation costs 750 robux. so expensive.

As you can see this is the ninja animation and it costs 750 robux. It is really expensive but if you see it, it says that I have the ninja animation. And I do, it’s not lying. I bought it and now I use it. It’s basically like how you can go to a game place and spend money to win tickets from games to buy something at the game place store with no money but in roblox you just buy the tickets, no need to win at the games.

how are there three of me?

You can save your avatar if you don’t want to lose your avatar while making a new avatar. Here there isn’t much to tell.

woah so much robux

Here is where you can buy robux if you really want to. Just select the amount of robux you want to buy and click it then it will transport you to the buying section.

credit card, debit card, a redeem card and more cards?

This is where you can choose how to purchase the amount of robux. Here are the options: Credit Card, Debit Card, Roblox Redeem Card and lastly a whole bunch of cards that I don’t really know of. It’s your way and how you will purchase the robux.

too many am I right?

There are so many cards you can pick in the other cards option. You can also use stuff from different countries or cities to do the pay. But I personally think that will be it for today. I hope all of this writing helps, and I’ll see you in the game (Username: Chingoo2011)

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I am ten and I love to play Roblox and write articles about the games there. I am also an author on Amazon.

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