Santa’s Crazy Vacation by Pretty Yojadul

Once upon a time the elves of Christmas were very tired and angry. They went to Santa and yelled at him.

“What’s wrong my elves?” Santa asked.

“We make so many gifts every year and every day. We are tired and we need a vacation.”

Santa agreed and off the elves and Santa went to a spa.

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When they got there they ate egg jelly and drank cider. Santa started drinking soju and he was very drunk. He looked around and he saw a beautiful woman. It was love at first sight.

“But Santa, your wife,” said one elf.

Santa slapped him. “That is not important,” he yelled. His face was red because he was drunk and Santa. “I want to date her!”

But the woman didn’t like Santa because Santa is old, ugly and super-duper fat. For the first time ever, Santa was so sad. So he decided to diet. They were at the spa, he wouldn’t eat anything, would exercise a lot, and use the steam room every other hour.

He lost all of his weight in just one day!

“Oh my god,” said one elf named Yun Chae.

But he was still ugly so he went to a plastic surgeon. “Make me handsome and younger,” he said.

The plastic surgeon pulled out a very special tool. It was the handsomizer. There was buzzing and an explosion and then Santa was very young and very handsome. Also, he was a baby.

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“Goo goo gah gah,” said the handsome baby. The plastic surgeon was a woman and she said, “Oh my gosh you are such a handsome baby.” She took him to the wedding hall and they got married, but then the police came because you can’t marry a baby and she went to jail.

The End

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