Cooking Class with Julie!

Hi there. Today we are going to make Gyool Chigay, or Mandarin Stew. It is so much fun so I hope you will join me!

First take some Gyool, or mandarins. Make sure they are very soft so you can take off the peels easily. Those are important.

Eat the mandarins, carefully taking the peels off. Be careful to eat all of the mandarin flesh because if you don’t, the orange peels will explode.

Now if you are not dead that means you listened and you are a good student. By now you should have eaten 12 mandarins. Do you have pain in your stomach? Good. That means you are doing it right!

Take the mandarin peels and mix them with your hands. Squeeze them. Squish them. Pound them. Fight them! They are after your family. Protect your family! Destroy the mandarin peels.

Okay good. The enemy has been defeated. Take what is left of the Mandarin peel scum and punish them with a pot of boiling water. Drop them in and stir it all up.

Do you smell that? Yummy!

Now you have mandarin stew! Eat it if you want to. I don’t, because it tastes super bad and is probably not good for you, but I won’t stop you if you want to eat it.


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