Me Helping My Wonderful Friend

Hey guys, um, sorry for the late article and let me say to all of you, Happy New Year! It’s been a busy time. I wrote a new book, got Christmas presents and we have eaten so many wonderful meals that my belly will soon explode and litter the room with spaghetti! Just kidding, of course, but wow has it been a busy and fun time.

Today I will be helping one of my good friends in a factory game. In this game I became a worker for my friend’s business. And let me tell you, the first screenshot came out great. Let me show you right now.

Whose factory is this?

You guys might be asking, “whose factory is this?” but it’s mine. I’ve kind of made madness but it’s the only way for success because it is very hard to progress in this game. The name is Factory Simulator and it is about making a factory of yours.

Who’s base is this now?

Another factory is here in this plot. This factory is owned by my friend. But he is having a bad time because it is hard to build some things in this game. My friend needed help and some low tier person came to help him. Unfortunately the person ruined my friend’s factory by deleting all of the parts. But also thankfully the person couldn’t take my friend’s items.

Usually when you delete the item then you get it but because it wasn’t the person’s factory when he deleted the blocks and stuff that person wasn’t able to get those items that were deleted.


Oh hey, it’s a daily chest! In Factory Simulator you can get rewards from one of these wonderful chests every day that you play.


Right now I am talking to my friend and he does require help. Not much to say so on to the next picture.

Am I a worker?

I am my friend’s worker because he needs help. Luckily, in me, he found the right guy for the job. I am an expert at this game. And what I do doesn’t need to be paid for. I just do things like help people because it’s my hobby and I like to do it. Plus there are so many trolls in Roblox who like to find kids my age and try to make us sad and miserable. I’m a lucky kid with a lot of love and happiness at home, and I want to share that.

For this game, think of me as a full time worker just working to help a friend because I don’t have any money. For good people on Roblox I often do free service. It makes them happy and it makes me happy too. And I think you might prefer my help to someone whose asking for money because I am good at doing the job.

Talking again?

This is a good day. My friend was sad but now he is having a good time.

What is that?

We goofed off some in the game. Here we did an experiment. I thought it would be nice if I could design something new, and then find a good use for it in the factory. Like some sort of Roblox Mark Rober.

Why am I not helping my friend?

It might look like I have stopped helping my friend in this picture but that’s not the case. It’s not actually that I’m not helping my friend. What’s happening is I am upgrading the experiment to see if it did anything good. I still don’t know, to be honest, but we will keep playing with it and if it does something wonderful I will be sure to talk about that at a later time.

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I am ten and I love to play Roblox and write articles about the games there. I am also an author on Amazon.

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