My Teacher VS Bald People BY Anonymous Creative Writing Student

My creative writing teacher is a children’s author and we call him Handsome Teacher. Handsome Teacher is pretty handsome and his actual last name sounds like handsome too. This might be because he was born on July 7th which means he is 7/7 and that makes him double lucky. But he is a special case because he is also mostly bald and, usually, bald people can’t be handsome.

Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t intentional. The highest probability is that Handsome Teacher has hair loss, or that he is a secret Gregorian monk. He says that the hair from his head has migrated to his arms, with a couple hiding in his ears. That also might be true because his arms are very hairy. But his head hair is grey while his arm hair is golden-brown so that can’t be true.

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Handsome Teacher is lucky here too because there is a lot of baldness in the world. And some of the bald people are famous too. My favorite famous bald person is Henri Ronaldo, who is a great soccer player. But Handsome Teacher is more handsome than him. And in regular life there are many bald people in my neighborhood. But Handsome Teacher is more handsome than all of them. Handsome Teacher is a double lucky man, a great, handsome writer, a wonderful teacher, and so in the contest of Handsome Teacher versus the bald people . . .


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