The Derby Arena

Hey guys it’s me and I am back in Roblox. This time in a derby arena. The game is called Car Crushers and it is a game where you crash cars, but with a slight twist.

bruh tank

Also this isn’t a normal match. It is called the “Juggernaut” and this game mode picks two juggernauts that have to survive till that timer goes down. But we attackers will die often so we must respawn again and again. The Juggernauts cannot respawn so if the Juggernauts die then you win.

cheers mate

Uh I crashed. Guess it’s time to chug on some apple juice that looks like beer. Bruh what if it was really beer?


Juggernauts are dead so we are picking which map to play on. It is fun and if you ask what game mode I like I personally like the “juggernaut” game mode because I get to knockout cars. It was fun. Very fun actually because it cannot appear every single time.


I am the Juggernaut and I am getting absolutely getting ruined. I hope my other Juggernaut friend wins for us.

who is that giant?

That giant behemoth over there is my other Juggernaut friend. That truck is definitely a “Gigantic Behemoth” as I call it.

I’m totally dead now

R.I.P Dean 2011~2022

I’m still alive- oh nevermind i’m dead

Yeah that wasn’t fun. Well it was but I died in the end. It was horrible lol. Anyways I think it will end here. I hope you all have a wonderful time as my tank slowly suffers.

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