Sometimes You Need to Take a Break – And That Is Okay

My son Dean has a book club that he goes to every Saturday. He loved it. He loved talking with the kids and sharing what he read and listening to what they read. But one child in the program was constantly intrusive, bullying and rude. He’d change the names in the zoom program to mock the others. He would interrupt people while they gave their reviews and call them boring or stupid. And it frustrated Dean to no end.

So Dean explained the problem to the boy and asked that he stop. And he didn’t.

He has decided to take a break from the group. Possibly permanently. And he was very frustrated about it since it feels like a failure on his part. But it wasn’t failure. Sometimes you need to take a break — and that is okay. Sometimes you need to quit and go do something else, or change groups, or just not do anything for a bit.

Do not bend to the dictates of a sleepless and tired society. Do not feel shame for having to give up. Some things are not worth the stress. I am happy for Dean and I am happy that he was able to recognize that.

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