Battleground by Manjae

I and my cousin killed ten thousand zombies. Because of this, we are called the Zombie Killers. We shoot Rocket Propelled Grenades because they are very powerful. But it isn’t easy. There are problems in the zombie fighting job.

The first problem is that zombies don’t die easily. We explode them instead of doing headshots, but even then they take a lot of hits before they go down.

The second problem is that some zombies were once a friend. It is hard to kill a friend zombie because there are so many feelings involved.

The third problem is that my cousin and I recently became unemployed because we killed so many zombies that there were only one-thousand left. And then we killed those somebodies with a nuclear bomb. So now all of the zombies are dead.

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But it is okay because I think we will get new jobs and live happily ever after!

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