Welcome to . . . the Future!!! by Yeon Seo

My name is Yeon Seo and today I will talk to you about my plans for the future. The world is changing very quickly. Old people talk about a time when there weren’t even cell phones or internet! So it is easy to imagine that the world will be very different very soon. I am going to talk to you about the year 2031.

Let’s start by talking about the most important thing — me! In the year 2031 I will be a very rich songwriter with the nickname Nerdy Nelly aka the Coolest Cat in Town. I will live in the richest part of Seoul and I will be the richest lady there. My house will be a gigantic mansion with a huge garage filled with very expensive cars. There will be a beautiful noraebang, a massive pool, laser guns, bumper cars, and two roller coasters. It will look like Everland. I will say, “Oh yeah, so good.”

There will be five bedrooms but each bedroom will be big like an apartment. The bedrooms will have a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and smaller bedrooms inside them. Each bedroom will have a robot that cooks, cleans, and does dance parties with guests who are staying there.

My bedroom will be bigger than most people’s homes. It will be so big that sometimes I must use Kakao Maps to find where I am going. The bed will be the most comfortable and most expensive bed in the world. Everything is made from gold and diamond except for the pillows and the mattress. Those will be made from the softest and best materials in the universe. My closet will be two stories high, with a special elevator at the side. It will be filled with the latest and best fashions. Also game consoles and games. And my robot army for when I am angry.

In the year 2031 I will be the world’s best songwriter and also the world’s most eligible bachelorette. Those are not easy jobs but someone has to do them. For the songwriting I will have to wake up at 7am every day. This won’t be too difficult because all of the guys start calling at 6am. I will go to the studio but that won’t take very long because it is in my home. I must go through a security checkpoint where my robot soldiers identify me, then I go to the basement where there is a multi-billion dollar sound studio waiting for me.

I write the songs and listen to the computer play them. Then I call my singing group, The Nerdettes. They are the world’s number one K-Pop group and all of us are billionaires like Bill Gates. We are super cute and everybody wants our autographs so we charge $1000 per signature. Our music is amazing and we make a new album every month. At lunch time the chef comes to our studio and brings us our favorite food, bbq chicken. It is the best and it comes from my farms in the country, Nerdy Natural Foods, the most delicious meat in the world. 

Why will I live such a wonderful life? Because I’m the best. I study hard, work hard, dress hard, walk hard, eat hard and do everything hard. So I deserve it. It’s my prize.

That will be my future. It is a wonderful one. I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Published by chingoo2011

I am ten and I love to play Roblox and write articles about the games there. I am also an author on Amazon.

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