Children’s Day Baseball Celebration! by InGyu

I’m a huge fan of the Korean Baseball Organization. They run a very entertaining baseball league full of wonderful pomp and circumstance. We cheer, we shout, we sing — a KBO game is a wonderful event.

But on Thursday, May 5th, things got a little more wonderful. Thursday was a special day in Korea. On this day we celebrate our children. Known simply as Children’s Day, it is the day that adults give fun, toys, delicious food, and good memories to the kids. 

The KBO went above and beyond, bringing in a whole contingent of fun groups for the kids to enjoy, while the LG Twins and Doosan Bears continued their annual tradition of playing a local derby exposition game against each other.

Children got to experience the myriad joys of Disney, ranging from the long time ago characters of Star Wars to the timid but joyful antics of Snow White. And lucky children in every match of the day got to throw the first pitch or try to bat that pitch into the stands.

It was a great day for it, sunny and warm, and a wonderful game as well.

Covid rules were lessened, yet people still wore their masks, but at this time most were well accustomed to such and it didn’t seem to hamper anyone’s fun.

And as an extra bit of joy, this was the 100th celebration of Children’s Day!

It was good to see the nation return to its old joys and traditions. I very much enjoyed watching the Twins-Bears KBO derby and I applaud their wonderful efforts at entertaining us all.

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