The Addiction – Chapter 2 (Teaser)

Yeon Seo and Yun Chae weren’t so jolly after all of that. The ghost had been very scary, and Yun Chae’s realization that they hadn’t said good-bye was weighing heavy on her heart.

“What will happen now? We didn’t say good-bye. What does that mean? Is the ghost angry? Will it kill us?” Yun Chae asked in a steady stream of babbling words. 

Yeon Seo, “It’s okay. The ghost looked scary, but it is just a ghost! What can ghosts do? They can fly around being all gross-looking. But can they hit us? Can they fight us? No, they can’t.”

Yun Chae looked dubious. “Some of the ghosts in the movies and the stories can kill and fight.”

“Yes,” Yeon Seo said. “But not most of them. Right? I think we are safe. And I don’t even know if what we saw was real. Maybe the board has some batteries in it and is some sort of computerized scare game. Why don’t we just go to bed right now, go to sleep and in the morning we can have a happy and merry Christmas. You know, with presents and toys and wonderful food!”

Yun Chae sighed. “Alright. We can do that.”

The two of them got ready for bed, changing into Nerdy Nelly pajamas and big elephant slippers. They were fuzzy and warm, and oh-so comfortable. After brushing their teeth and washing their faces, they both padded over to the bedroom. Yeon Seo opened the door and they both peeked in, searching the shadows for ghosts.  

But everything was as it should be. The bed was still next to the frosty window. The small bathroom was still in the corner, its door open and lights on. But no ghosts. The dresser looked the same as always. And the TV at the foot of the bed was turned off. 

Everything was safe.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Yeon Seo said. The two looked one more time, then ran to the bed and dove under the covers. Just because everything looked safe didn’t mean it was.

“Oh that was so scary,” Yun Chae said.

Yeon Seo agreed. “I really thought when we got to the bed a hand would come out and grab our feet.”

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