Isekai Kids: Lair of the Black Goblin

Hi Folks!

Lair of the Black Goblin

I know it’s been forever, and I fully intend to remedy that going forward. As I look over my original post, I realize two very important things.

  1. I never updated this page to indicate the Isekai Kids: Lair of the Black Goblin was completed and has been published in both Kindle and Paperback formats
  2. That Isekai Kids: The Ghost Pirates has been changed to Isekai Kids: The Haunted Mansion!

The process of writing these tales has been very challenging, but I am glad to get these stories out there for your entertainment.

Published by Thomas Shuler

Hi there! A little something about me? I am a retired Navy vet, currently an Army Civilian, and an author. The last one is the important one for this site! I have been working on my Isekai Kids series for about a year, and believe it is my best work so far. In addition to working and writing, I'm an avid gamer, playing board games, Tabletop RPGs, and video games of all sorts. I've also been known to race mountain bikes and road bikes, but lately, I've been sticking to just riding around to see the sights. I have one other book: The Demon Eye Gem. It is currently not available as I work to revise and edit the manuscript, but will return before Christmas.

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