The Addiction – Chapter 3 (draft)

Yun Chae gasped loudly, her breathing heavy and fast. Next to her, Yeon Seo woke up in alarm.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked, hitting her side. “Are you crazy? Some of us need to sleep. Christmas is coming, and I want to be awake enough to enjoy the presents and good food.”

Yun Chae turned her head and stared at Yeon Seo.

“Hey, you, what’s going on in there?”

Yun Chae ignored her and got up out of bed, walking to the door and leaving the bedroom. Yeon Seo got up and followed her, down the hall and around the corner into the familiar tiles of the kitchen. She watched as Yun Chae went to the refrigerator and pulled it open, then started grabbing food and stuffing it into her mouth.

Yeon Seo shook her head. Her friend must be sleep-eating. There was no other explanation. She went up to Yun Chae and grabbed her shoulder.

“Hey, stop eating all of the food! We’ll eat plenty when we wake up because, yay, it’s Christmas!”

Yun Chae stopped eating and turned around.

“Hungry,” she growled. She stared at Yeon Seo’s hand still laying on her shoulder, then she tried to bite Yeon Seo’s hand. Yeon Seo pulled it back just in time.

“Hey! What are you doing?” she cried. Yun Chae’s eyes rose up and met Yeon Seo’s.

“I, I don’t know. Oh, I’m sorry. I was sleep-eating.” Her voice was monotone which made it quite creepy.

Yeon Seo regarded her with suspicious eyes. Why was she speaking so strangely? But, maybe she was just tired so her voice was strange. And her sleep-eating was something she did before so it was weird but not impossible. 

“Okay,” Yeon Seo said. “But you are going to sleep on the sofa and I am going to lock the door to the bedroom. I don’t want to get sleep-eaten on Christmas morning. Now, let’s get back to sleep. Today is a big day! We have so many people to meet and visit!”

“Yes. I must meet all of the people. Tomorrow will be a good day. We will open presents and eat so much food too.” Again, her voice was monotone.

“Yeah, alright. Well, good night,” Yeon Seo said, walking away backwards to the bedroom door. “I hope you aren’t so strange and creepy later today when we wake up.”

“I will be fine. Good night,” Yun Chae said.

Yeon Seo went into the room and shut and locked the door. Then she pushed a dresser in front of the door for good measure. Satisfied that the room was safe, she went back into her bed and pulled the covers up, hoping that sleep would come sooner than later.

It was not to be, however. Before her head could even hit the table the sharp sounds of a fist on wood rang through the house.


Yeon Seo got back out of bed and moved the dresser out of the way of the door.


She unlocked the bedroom door and opened it. Looking out, she saw that Yun Chae was smashing her shoulder against the door.

Yeon Seo sighed.

“If you act crazy and don’t go to sleep, then we are not going to go anywhere tomorrow. Christmas will be canceled!”

Yun Chae stared up at her. “I will make no more noise. I will sleep. Then, tomorrow, we shall have Christmas.” And Yun Chae went to the sofa and laid down. Seconds later, she was asleep.

“Good night, Yun Chae,” Yeon Seo whispered. “Sweet dreams please.” She went back to her room, securing it as before, and she lay down and closed her eyes. Moments later, she was asleep as well.

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