Minecraft Monarchies – #1 (Updated 9/7/2022)

One-hundred percent Minecraft. That was the first thing Dad thought as he looked around at the new world.

It was uncanny.

When you played Minecraft in real life at your desktop or console, you could look away from the screen and see everything the way it should be. But here, everything was blocky, and square, with nothing anywhere else that looked normal.

Dad wondered if this would become the new normal to him before he left the game.

Meanwhile, Dean was going crazy, just hopping up and down and squealing.

“Dad, we did it! We are in the game! Oh my god, this is so awesome! I have an inventory, an inventory bar, even hearts and a hunger meter!” He paused and looked at Dad. “What do you have in your inventory?”

Dad scanned the bar, checking out the goods. “A compass, an iron axe, 12 torches and 16 mutton slices.” He sighed. “Actually seems kinda random, but it is better than starting with nothing at all like in the vanilla game.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, your stuff is dumb. Look at me! I’m glowing purple!”

Dad laughed. He really was glowing purple and that could only mean that his son had spawned with some awesome leather armor.

“Alright, lay it on me. What crazy cool stuff did you spawn with?”

Dean hopped up and down. “I have a stone pickaxe, a stone shovel, 16 slices of mutton, and a compass. Plus I have enchanted leather armor. It has Thorns I on it! I think I got lucky.”

“You think?” Dad groaned. That armor was awesome and Dad’s inventory was a big pile of poop. Still, it was alright because they were both on the same team. He’d remember not to be jealous.

Plus maybe there was more in his big inventory. He opened it up to be sure.

His vision turned to a world of grey encapsulated with big boxes, each of which were empty. He could see the crafting boxes in the upper right and himself as a strange and very black blocky enderman in the upper left next to slots for his head, body, leg and foot armor.

“I’m a monster!” Dad whined.

“Not a real one,” Dean added. “But you sure look different.”

Dad mournfully nodded he head. “Well, there’s nothing hiding in my big inventory. I guess we better head out.”

“Well, hold on just a second,” Dean said, looking around them.

Where they were standing there was a door in front of them that led out of wherever they were now. But there was also a door to the right and the left of them. Would they just leave without exploring this place?

No way. That would be way too basic.

They were in some sort of castle and it would be super lame to not check it for treasure. And really they whole place might work well as a headquarters for them. Who knew what might be outside. This place, wherever it was, seemed really safe.

“Are you ready to go?” Dad asked. “Looks like, in this mod, we’ll have to trade and craft for everything else.”

Dean held up a blocky hand. “Hold on a second. Let’s check this place out and see what it has. If there is anything super bad, like a bunch of skeletons or The Warden, then we’ll run out the front door. Deal?”

Dad nodded. He wasn’t too worried though. He had a trusty axe in his hand and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

“Which door are you thinking?” Dad asked. “The right door, or the left?”

“Right,” Dean said.

The two of them crowded close.

“You need to stay behind me,” Dad commanded. “I’ve got the axe and I don’t want to accidentally kill you.”

Dean did a blocky little shrug and Dad looked impressed. Apparently they both had a greater range of motion here than they would have playing the game regularly. “I’ll just pick up my equipment if I die. I’ll reappear right here. No worries.”

“Right,” Dad said. “Anyways, let’s be careful.”

Dad equipped his axe. It popped into existence on his person like magic. Not there one second, then there the next.

He stepped up to the door and they both held their breaths. This was unreal, yet so real. What was past that door? Monsters? Treasure?

Turns out the answer was a whole lot of nothing. Well, in terms of stuff, anyways. There were no chests, no monsters wearing glowing armor, no weapons racks . . . not even a crafting table!

But what there was, there was a lot of. Space. It looked like the empty wing of a castle. But there were stairs that lead down to a huge bedroom that would make an awesome HQ. And it had chests there for storage as well.

The mod was giving them a thicc starting castle to base out of. Dean wondered if that meant they were lords. Or maybe even a king and a prince?!

They’d find out when they went outside, he supposed. Dean and Dad went to the door and creeped it open. There were no monsters.

That was encouraging.

They stepped out a bit further, checking out there surroundings and seeing what they could glimpse of the new world.

And wow was it something.

The moon was starting to rise in its blocky brilliant glory, so the outside world quite dangerous to explore. But there was an amazing looking community right next to them, and they couldn’t wait to see who lived there.

Dean nudged his dad, and without thinking, Dad nudged a stalk of sugarcane.

“Dad!” Dean shouted.

“Sorry about that. Usually Mom is right there and I just send your questions over to her. What’s up?”

“There’s some sort of stone path that goes out over the ocean. And then down into it! It looks like the first thing to check out when the sun finishes coming up.”

Dad nodded. “It’s really hard to see from here. Let’s try to get a better angle to see it from.”

Despite the dark, the two of them went around what looked to be a boathouse, and stared straight on into the ocean. And wow was it something.

It looked like a dungeon made completely of glass and filled with torches or some other kind of light. From here it glowed through the ocean water like a beacon.

“I bet that place is filled with treasure,” Dean said.

“And monsters,” Dad groaned.

When Dean didn’t say anything, Dad looked over at him. He wasn’t there.

“Dean!” he yelled. He saw the glowing purple of his armor flit away around the boathouse, in the direction of the glowing ruins.

“Last one to the treasure is a poppy butthole!” he yelled.

Dad groaned and started sprinting after him. After a little bit, though, he was lauighing. Here in the Minecraft mod, running was fun! It didn’t hurt. You didn’t get tired. And you didn’t ever run out of breath.

This was awesome!

And Dad could hear him up ahead. They weren’t mostly silent, like in the regular Minecraft game. They clinked, they stomped, they clattered along, laughing and excited.

Dean listened to Dad coming, waiting just a tiny bit down the stone stairs of the mysterious glass structure.

“Boo!” he yelled.

“Aah,” Dad yelled back, almost falling into the ocean.

“Guuurgle,” said the drowned, grabbing at Dad’s ankles. He kicked the hand away and ran down the stairs after Dean.

Together they ran down and down into the glass dungeon, no monsters in sight. But at the bottom there was an empty chest. And a strange little home, built into the remains of a ruined obsidian portal .

“That has got to be a boss battle,” Dean said, jumping up and down. He had his pickaxe out and ready for a fight.

“Dean,” Dad said. “If there is a boss in there, I don’t think we can kill it. I’ve got my axe, you’ve got your pickaxe, shovel and magic armor. What good is any of that going to do.”

Dean smiled. “I don’t know, but I look forward to finding out!”

Before Dad could stop him, Dean grabbed a hold of the door, and threw it open. The two of them stepped forward and peeked around the corner.

There wasn’t a boss here, waiting to stomp their heads and eat their butts. No, instead there was a librarian.

“How do you do?” he asked, his glass hanging low on his face. “My name is Omar the Librarian, and this is my tiny stone shack.”

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