Minecraft Monarchies – #2 (Updated 9/9/2022)

“We’re doing good. But do you know anything about the village?” Dean and Dad asked.

“Of course I do. This is a village, and I am its Librarian, so why wouldn’t I know such a thing?” Omar said. His eyes shined, full of interest, and his tone reflected a great curiosity.

“Well, it’s just that we need to find where exactly we are going, and we need to know where the locations of all of the villages and caves and anything explorable out there in the distance are,” I answered.

“Well why didn’t you just say so? This is Port Town and this is the capital city of Beachland.” Omar said. “A land without a king. But legend says that one day the true heirs of the royal crown will appear from the land beyond. They will save our nation and take their place at the throne.”

Dad rolled his eyes and Dean elbowed him hard in the ribs. Dad oofed loudly.

“Are there any other special locations in Beachland other than Port Town?” Dean asked. Unlike his Dad, he was quite interested in this idea that the game seemed to be pushing that they were the royal heirs to this kingdom!

“Yes, in fact there are many. There is the military outpost. That is right off of the main highway. It is quite unique as well — they tamed a bunch of skeleton horses there! And if you follow the path further past where it curves, there is a village. But near here we also have a path down into the gorge. If you follow that one, and keep to the stairs, you will find both the remains of the old kingdom mining operation, and the Colonies Of The Deep Dark. Those are right at the bottom and they are scary as heck, so if you go there don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

Omar laughed excitedly and winked at them.

“Well, there is our answer. Thanks Omar for the tip!” Dean said. The two of them turned to the door and got out of the Librarian Omar’s shack.

*door opens* shortly after *door closes*

“Well Dad I guess we have to go to the villages to see what the heck is going on here,” Dean said.

“I guess so,” Dad answered. “But we also need to figure out a way to survive and find out the secret of the mod or maybe even beat it before the game time is over.”

“I think we should go see what the villagers offer for trading,” Dean said.

The two of them were out of the glass dungeon now and back onto the stone bridge that had brought them there. It was still night, but the drowned zombie was gone and there were no other monsters to be seen.

Still, night time was a dangerous time to be about. The two of them headed back into the castle, and Dad took one final look out the window, seeing zombies through the forest behind the village.

“Time to try out sleeping in Minecraft?” Dad asked.

Dean nodded. “I hope those beds are a lot more comfortable than they look. Because they look too blocky and the corners look sharp.”

The two of them each grabbed a bed in the castle basement and closed their eyes.

The light dimmed and then suddenly it was morning.

“Um, good morning?” Dean asked.

Dad laughed. The sun was up and he felt rested. Hoenstly it was maybe the best sleep he’d ever had.

Over in his corner, Dean was confused, but excited as well. Today they were going to visit the village! And probably even go on an adventure.

“Are you ready to go?” Dean asked.

He was already running up the stairs and heading for the main door, so Dad took off after him. Out the door they went, swinging left and running past a boathouse into the more scenic part of the village. There was a tower here, and a lighthouse further out. Lots of shops as well, plus what looked to be an apartment building built into the side of the mountain.

A villager with an eye patch walked out of his shop, a billow of black smoke rising from behind him.

“Howdy strangers!” he said. Dean’s mouth dropped. He just realized, staring at the villager, that they actually were squaking just like in the regular PC game. The difference here was that he could actually understand it.

“Howdy,” Dean said back, listening carefully to his own words. He was squaking! He was literally speaking Minecraft Villager language, and it had taken him this long to notice it!

“Dad! Dad! We sound like actual real villagers!”

Dad cocked his blocky head to the side, listening. And then he laughed. “We sure are! Wow, what a game. I wonder what other surprises Mojang has waiting for us.”

The entire time the villager watched us. He had been smiling, but now he was frowning.

“You people aren’t from around here, are you?”

Dean hopped up and down. “You got that straight. After talking to the Librarian, Omar, I’m pretty sure that we are the long lost heirs to the throne here in Beachland.”

Dad smiled. “What he means to say is, no, we aren’t from around here. We are looking for adventure, tools, armor, weapons, anything and everything that might help out an adventurer in these parts. What do you have for us, shopkeep?”

Dean hopped again. Finding out what a shopkeeper was going to sell was easily one of the most fun things about Minecraft.

“Well, I don’t have much. Kinda new to the job and all of that. But come on in and check out what I have to offer!”

Dean and Dad followed the man into his shop, a smithy with a bed, an anvil, and a lava pool, a fletching table, and a smithing table.

It was quite the impressive mix.

“How did you get lava in a house?” Dad asked the villager.

He looked at Dad as if he were the dumbest person alive.

“With a bucket, of course. How else would anyone put lava in their home?”

Dean laughed. “Yeah, Dad. How else would anyone put lave in their house? Duh!”

Dad snorted. “Yeah, whatever. So, blacksmith, what have you got for us?”

The village blacksmith smiled and he suddenly looked shy. “I make swords is what I make. The only thing I’ve learned how to make properly so far. But, they come out special when I make them.”

Dean’s eyes widened into giant rectangles.

“Dad! I think he means magic!”

The blacksmith nodded. “I sure do. I forge them up and they glow purple. And they are really sharp and good at chopping zombies.

Dad and Dean’s eyes met. This was awesome!

“How much for a magic sword?” Dean asked.

“That’ll be 14 emeralds,” the blacksmith said.

“That’s cheap!” Dean exclaimed.

“Yeah. But we’re broke,” Dad countered.

The two of them stared longingly at the glowing sword. The blacksmith sighed.

“I see that this is going to be a longer engagement than I expected, so let’s introduce ourselves. My name is Brian. Brian Blacksmith.”

“Hi. I’m Dad and this is my son, Dean.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “Now, listen, Dad and Dean. I can’t give you these swords for free . . . but I can send you to a guy who will get you the money that you need to get these swords. And that’ll be good for you and me. So, how about I give you a quest and get you moving along towards getting me my emeralds, hey?”

Dad and Dean nodded.

“Great!” said Brian Blacksmith. “So here’s what you need to do. Gather as many bundles of stout sticks as you can find or craft. Then bring them down into the Colonies Of The Deep Dark!”

Thunder sounded from outside when he said the words. Dad jumped.

“Aah! What the heck was that?” he asked.

Dean giggled. “I think I might know. Colonies Of The Deep Dark!” he exclaimed. Thunder boomed over the village.

“Yep. Okay. I understand,” Dad sighed.

“Are you two done?” Brian asked.

Dad and Dean nodded and he continued.

“Within the Colonies Of The Deep Dark (thunder noise) there is a merchant who makes a number of items like bows and arrows, and he is in constant need for these sticks. He will buy them from you at a rate of 1 emerald for every 32 sticks. It is an amazing bargain, and if you sell him enough sticks to get me my 28 emeralds, then the two swords are yours.”

Dad nodded and put out his hand. “You, Brian, have a deal. Alright Dean, let’s go . . .” he started to say, turning sideways. The door was open and Dean was already gone. Dad sighed, waved at Brian, then ran after his son.

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