Einstein VS Newton BY: Yoon Chai (Age 7)

Once upon a time there was a man named Einstein. He had crazy white hair and his tongue was very big. Also, he was smart. And he liked to play violin.

So one day he was playing violin when Newton threw apples at his face.

Newton said, “Hey! Do you want to fight me?”

Einstein said, “No.”

But Newton didn’t care.

Newton made gravity.

And Einstein made a general equation and a special equation.

Newton was amazed. “Wow, Einstein, you are so smart!” But then he made some math problems.

Photo by Deepak Gautam on Pexels.com

But Einstein made many math problems. And he made E = MC2

Newton said, “You are the winner. You have special relativity. I don’t have it.”

Einstein smiled. “I am the winner, so what is my prize?”

Newton said, “You win my Lamborghini! And my universal equation. Also you can have all of my apples.”

Einstein was happy and Newton was happy. They wrote a book full of equations.


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