Minecraft Monarchies – #9

“Dad!” Dean yelled.

Dad jumped, his weapon out, ready for the worst. He relaxed when he saw that it was Dean. “Oh, good, it’s you and not some monster.”

Dean cocked his blocky head to the side. “Do monsters usually call you Dad?”

“I, what? No!” Dad said, laughing. “You butt. I just, well, let’s say it hasn’t been an easy time of things.

Dean and Dad talked about what had happened before. Once they were caught up, it came time to take inventory.

“Crazy that there was a coal golem,” Dean said, ending Dad’s story. “That is definitely not in the regular game. Sounds both exciting and scary.”

“Yeah, Dean, I’d say it was both of those thing. Well, on the plus side, I’ve got tons of coal now. But, do you have any food that I could borrow?” asked Dad.

“Sorry, I bought a few carrots, but I didn’t really bring a lot. But it isn’t a big problem because we can go hunt, and I can make campfires to cook the meat on,” Dean said.

“Campfires?” Dad asked. “Why not furnaces?”

Dean shook his head. Dad was always so into building so he didn’t have a clue about some of the most basic things in Minecraft.

“We could build a furnace to cook the meat. But campfires are much better because with a campfire we can cook up to 4 of any meats at a time,” Dean explained.

“What do we need exactly for a campfire?” asked Dad.

“Three logs, three sticks, and a piece of coal,” answered Dean. “It’s a really simple build. I mean, we need a crafting table, of course, but I’ve got one, plus I got tons of wood and you’ve got tons of coal so we can build campfires all over the place if we want to.”

Dad nodded. “And you don’t think it will be too dangerous to hunt in the rain?”

“Nah. We’ve got magic swords and good armor. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Dad swung his sword, seeming to test its balance. “Alright, then. Why don’t you give me those carrots, so I can get back some hearts. And then let’s get to work,” he said.

Dean and Dad set off, following the trail out of the village into a land of trees and wildlife. Almost immediately, there came the twang of a bow. A skeleton archer clacked out from behind a birch tree, shooting another one.

Dean blocked it with his shield.

“I’ve got this one, Dad. Go find some rabbits, cows, pigs and chickens. Get us some meat and I’ll show you how to cook it!”

Dead ran off in the other direction, and Dean faced his foe. Jumping high and striking down, he hit the skeleton with a critical, watching it drop down and pixellate a way, leaving a bone and an arrow. Behind him came the sound of moaning.

“Brains,” it said. Slashed out, striking the zombie back, then hit it again when it tried to grab him. It flashed away into bits of rotten flesh, which he pocketed away into his inventory.

Then Dad came running back froim the woods. “I got some rabbit meat and some chicken. Are things good over here?” he asked.

Dean nodded. “A couple of mobs. No big deal. Now, let’s cook!”

The two of them clustered around the fire, cooking meat. It smelled really good, somehow totally unaffected by the rain around them. Dad and Dean ate until their hunger meters were full, and neither was missing any hearts.

“Well, that was good,” said Dad. “Did you get any information on the pillager camp. Any idea where to go.”

Dean laughed. “It’s in the direction we’ve already been heading. Apparently this pillager camp is pretty close. Honestly, I think we can take it now, if you are willing.”

Dad smiled. “Yeah, I like this quest stuff. Let’s get it done.”

The two of them moved to the path and started following it through the forest. It was turning night, now, and they could see a ton of mobs moving through it. Looking behind them, they saw a number of mobs there as well.

“This does not look good,” Dad said. “What should we do now?”

Dean glanced around himself. “I think I see a fire. Quick, follow me!”

The two of them sprinted ahead, past one cluster of angry zombies but stopping before a trio of skeletons riding giant spiders.

“Yeah, over here Dad. There’s a shack!”

Dad squinted to see it through the driving rain. But sure enough, there it was. Just in the nick of time too. If that place had two beds, they could sleep out this horrid situation.

Dean and Dad ran to the door, throwing it open and jumping through, then closing it behind them.

They were safe.

Also, they were in a shop. A shop and bunkhouse, apparently, which was better luck than they really should have expected.

Unless the mod-developers purposely made there be lots of monsters here so people would come to the building. Dad groaned. It felt like a set up.

“Hello and welcome to Haberdash Smithing. What can I do for ya?” asked the villager. “I am Haberdash, but you can call me Josh!” he continued.

“Well, nice to meet you Josh. We wanted to know if you have any beds available for the night. Also, in the morning, I’d love to see what stuff you sell,” Dean said.

Josh spread his arms in a manner that made him look like he wanted to hug them. “Here at the border between the Ferocious Forest and the Desert of Doom, we always welcome visitors. Right this way!”

He took them along with him, down a series of steps, and into a wood and sandstone basement that held 6 or 7 beds.

Take whichever one you please. And come talk to me in the morning. I’ll be happy to trade goods with you.

The groan of zombies and rapsy call of mummies filled the air outside of the building.

“Oh and don’t mind them none,” Josh said. “They have never tried to come on in. You will be safe. That I guarantee.

The next morning Dean and Dad came upstairs. Outside, the sound of monsters and rain had gone. Josh was upstairs, standing next to his smithing table, hammering out some new things to sell.

“Good morning! What can I do for you?” he asked. “If I could, I’d love to trade 15 coal for emeralds. And I am an expert at making stone hoes!” Josh said.

Dean nodded. It sounded perfect!

“Say no more. 2 hoes, please,” said Dean.

“2 hoes coming right up!” said Josh.

Dean looked happy with his 2 hoes. But what would he do with them? Maybe build a farm or maybe just have them for fun! Though where would he use them?

Dean stepped outside and took a look at the desert that stretched before them. Maybe the answer lay out there, at that pillager outpost.

Just then Josh put a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ve got some very special goods, if you could do a special quest for me,” he said.

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