Minecraft Monarchies – #10

Dean and Dad were back inside the shack in an instant, their eyes wide and their hands trembling. There was a new quest to be had and, by gosh, they were going to have it!

Josh seemed excited too, as if he couldn’t believe that he had two heroes right here with him ready to take care of his business. He stared and stared, trying to talk but fumbling his words.

“Take a deep breath,” Dad advised. “It’s okay. We might be heroes, but we’re still easy to talk to. Heck, you were doing it pretty well before.”

Josh laughed, a typical minecraft villager sound coupled with a high nasal squeling. Like a pig trying to speak Minecraftian.

“Yeah. Sorry. It’s just that I’ve heard of the power of heroes before and I never thought I’d be giving a quest to some before.” He paused and leaned in conspiratorially, as if he were letting them in on a big secret. “I almost didn’t!”

Dean reached out and patted him on the shoulder. “Just start when you are ready. We are all ears.”

Josh nodded. “So, remember how loud it was last night. All the monster noises and all of that? Well, it turns out that I maybe put my inn and smithing shop in the worst place possible. Like, really bad. During the day mummies come of of the desert not far from here and try to eat me, or my guests, when we go outside.”

He shuddered, his shoulders doing a little wave up and down.

“And at night a bunch of skeletons and zombies come out of the forest behind us. It is a real nightmare and if it can’t be stopped, well, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to move!”

Dean turned to Dad. “Sounds like spawners.”

“Hmm. I’ve got an iron pickaxe,” Dad said. “That was a lot of monsters last night, but if you smash them out of the way, I can take out the blocks. Buuuut there is one important thing we need to know first.”

Dad and Dean finished the thought at the same time. “We need to find out where the spawners are first!”

Josh cocked his head. “Does this mean you will do it? I didn’t even tell you my quest reward yet.”

Dad put up a hand . . . and Dean knocked it down. “No, dad, we’re not going to heroically ask to do it for nothing. We need treasure. It’s part of the whole progression experience.”

Dad laughed. “Okay. What do you have for us?”

Josh hopped up excitedly. “Follow me!”

He lead the two of them over to a chest in the corner of his smithery, and he opened it up to show off their contents. Two purple glowing books sat in the center and side.

“Mending and Unbreaking III. Two spell books that I got in trade for a bunch of farming stuff that I sold a long time ago. I feel like they will be a lot more useful to you than they are to me.”

Dean was hopping up and down. “Yep! We’ll do it.”

Dad hid a smile with his hand. “Alright, Josh. We are your heroes. Any idea where we should start?”

“There is an old desert tomb. Something about the Fishing King. I would start there, I figure.”

Dean and Dad equipped their magical blades and exited the building.

“We’ll be back soon,” Dean told him. “Just stay inside until we do.”

The two of them walked down the path and into the desert. The air turned dry and hot quickly. So quickly that Dad stopped, a strange look on his face.

“Hey Dean, do you mind if I try something?” he asked. Dean shrugged. Dad went ahead and took a few steps back towards the forest.

“Ah, that’s what I thought. Nice and cool. Haha, I think I found a glitch,” Dad laughed.

Dean laughed along with him, trying it out himself. It was fun and strange. Aparently the heat and the air programming was all entirely tied to the biome.

But it was time to get serious. They pushed ahead into the desert, looking for the tomb they had been told about.

And there it was.

A sign in front of the dune read ‘Here lies Asmand The FisherKing’, so they knew it was something special. And there was a mummy standing in the entryway, which gave them some extra hints about the meaning of the place.

“Alright Dean,” Dad said, looking into the passage. “I think we can both fight the mummy at the same time if you attack from the ledge right behind me. We go down, me first, and you do jump attacks for criticals while I do regular attacks to keep them back.”

Dean clanged his sword against his shield.”

“You can count on me!”

They pushed forward, Dad in the lead, and walked down the blocky decline, killing the first mummy in a quick series of blows.

“Well that wasn’t too hard,” Dad said.

Dean simply pointed ahead. More mummies were coming!

One mummy hit Dad . . . and all at once he was so hungry. It felt like he hadn’t eaten in days!

“Dean,” he yelled. “I have food poisoning!”

Dean jumped and executed a special attack, killing the front mummy.

“Dad, that isn’t food poisoning. That is the mummy’s special hunger attack! He can do damage and empty your stomach so you don’t heal.”

The next mummy hit Dad before Dad could hit it. But between him and Dean, the mummy was dead a moment later.

“Dean,” Dad said. “I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m going to have to stake a break and eat some food.”

There was a clicking sound, and suddenly the stairs pushed sideways, disappearing into the wall. Dean and Dad fell down 5 to 10 blocks and slapped into the stone floor, taking damage.

“Now I’m really in trouble,” Dad yelled. “Protect me while I heal.

Dean looked around them, seeing that half the room was full of mummies. He special-attacked one and jumped back from the attack of another while Dad noisily gobbled up a few steaks and chicken.

“You done yet?” Dean asked. A mummy hit him and suddenly he was hungry. “I think we need to get out of here!”

Dad nodded yes and the two of them ran for the light of the only entrance into the room. When they got there, Dean turned a wicked smile on his dad.

“Watch this,” he said, hammered at a sandblock ceiling tile with his pickaxe. It broke, and a moment later the entrance was covered in sand.

“And that is how you Deanfeat a room full of mummies,” he said.

“Deanfeat?” Dad asked, then he laughed. “Heck yeah. Can’t wait to see how you Deanfeat the rest of the monsters.”

Heading down the hallway, they both saw the whirling light of a spawner in action. Dad ran to it with his pickaxe while Dean battled the sole mummy guarding it. Seconds later, both were toast.

“Deanfeated!” Dad yelled, pumping his rectangular arms to the sky.

They continued forward, fighting two mummies before finding a second room with another spawner. This one had a cew mummies in it, so Dad helped Dean clear them out before they both pickaxed the spawner into oblivion.

An achievement popped up from the bottom of their vision. THE TOMB OF ASMAND THE FISHERKING – CLEARED.

They kept forward, finding themselves at the start of the tomb and next to a room with a chest. Entering it, Dean opened it up and gasped. There, in the center of it, were 5 arrows of water-breathing, and a fishing pole enchanted with LURE III and LUCK OF THE SEA III.

They left the tomb and headed towards the forest. It was honestly quite the joke how easy it was to find the other two spawners. At least here during the day they were visible from the ground. There was no entrance. There were no passageways. Just two small overhangs, each with their own small complement of zombies and skeletons.

Honestly no biggy to Dean or Dad at this point. Maybe at night it would have been a nightmare. But here and now, it was a massacre.

Dean and Dad returned to Josh and he opened his chest and handed over the two glowing books.

“Excellent,” Dead said, rubbing his hands together. “Now, let’s head off and fight some pillagers!”

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