Minecraft Monarchies – #17

Dean and Dad left the mines and went down to the stairs to the Deep Dark.

“Hey Dad, thanks for saving me out there,” said Dean as they headed past the lava falls. The crimson light of their heat washed over the cavern’s walls, making everything look eerie.

“Meh, it’s normal. Not only that; I owe you one anyway,” said Dad. “You’ve done a pretty good job keeping me alive!”

Dean and Dad entered sight of the colony, looking down on the gleaming floor-to-ceiling walls of its defenses, the grand block-shaped windows gleaming in the light of its many torches. They reached its steel doors and hit the button that proclaimed their entrance.

The villagers allowed them in a short time later.

Passing through the doorway, Dad and Dean looked around. It wasn’t just Camp Hazington that had upgraded since their start in the game. It hadn’t changed too much, but there were new homes, a second level of walkway chiseled into the side of the walled-in cavern, and there was even a new merchant-type hanging out in the corner of the first quarter. ‘Temple of the Deep Dark’ the sign on it read.

Dean smiled. They had so much rotten flesh that needed selling, and that was almost certainly a place where they could do that. The clerics didn’t usually pay a lot, but the fact that they paid for it at all was something super valuable.

The Colony of the Deep Dark was getting better and better all of the time!

The two of them walked down into the town square, looking for Fred the Fletcher.

Luckily the population of the Deep Dark, even with its new citizens, wasn’t very large. They found him in a matter of minutes.

“Oh, hey there!” Fred said, throwing his arms wide after he noticed them. “Welcome back to our village. I was wondering if you’d bother, now that I hear you are big heroes and such.”

Dad snorted. “Heroes maybe, but not big. Not yet anyways.”

Dean cut in, “I’m a big hero. Dad, you can be my sidekick.”

“Hey!” Dad shouted, laughing. Fred joined him.

“Well, I hope you are all the heroes I’ve been told that you are, because I told Brian the Blacksmith that we’ve got a major problem here. And that I was hoping he could get you two to come on over and help us take care of it.”

“Yeah, he told us,” said Dean. “He told us about your mine problem too.”

Fred’s eyes widened. “Yeah? And are you going to do it?” he asked.

“It’s already done,” Dad said and Dean and him high-fived as Fred’s mouth dropped wide open.

“Thank you! Thank you so much! And were you properly compensated?” he asked.

Dean paused. “What does compensated mean?” he asked.

“He’s asking if we got enough money or loot to make the quest worth it,” Dad explained. “Yes. Absolutely. In fact, we filled up or inventories completely!”

Fred hopped up and down. “I’m so glad to hear it. And will you help us with our other problem?”

“Absolutely,” Dean said. “But, one thing on that. We don’t exactly know what it is?”

Fred laughed. “Yeah okay. We’ve run into a problem down here. We found a kingdom. Which isn’t a bad thing, of course. But the kingdom is called the Wicked Witchdom, and they are filled with zombies, skeletons, and witches. They killed the villagers that we sent to talk to them. And they have been sending soldiers around our city, making it impossible for us to leave and mine.”

Dean nodded.

“We need you to go to the nearby castle and capture it for us. With it captured I think that we will be free to head out and mine again. If you take this quest the reward will be all of the treasure in the castle.”


Dad growled. This whole quest treasure thing was starting to seem kinda cheap. Couldn’t they just get that ttreasure anyways? But Dean jumped up and down, gleefully accepting.

Dad sighed. It was okay. It was to help the kingdom, afterall. Dad looked around at the new homes pointedly. “Say, are any of those places empty at all?” he asked.

Fred nodded. “Yep! They are filling up fast, but there are still a couple available.” A shine in his eye showed that he was pretty sure that he knew where Dad was going with his questions, and that he was quite happy to hear it.

Dad pulled out the certificate of citizenship and showed in to Fred. Fred nodded.

“So we want to buy a house,” Dad said.

“A giant house. Like super big with all of the cool stuff you can find put inside it. So much cool stuff that we can hardly even move!”

Fred’s face fell. “We can make it bigger, but it sounds like you want a castle! I don’t think we have room for that. We’re selling single person homes, but we can upgrade one of them into a penthouse. Two floors, several rooms —”

“And a balcony over the city wall,” Dean added.

Fred stopped and put a hand to his chin. Then he nodded. “Yeah, we can do that.”

“And how much will that be?” asked Dad. He looked very serious and Dean could see that he was expecting a hefty price tag.

“100 emeralds,” Fred said.

“100 emeralds!” Dad exclaimed. “That like a tenth of what I thought you were going to say! We are asking for a lot of stuff. Are you sure that is fair?”

Fred looked at Dad, then looked at Dean. “Having the two of you heroes live in our fine city is worth a 90% discount. 100 emeralds to cover part of the cost, we will cover the rest of it.”

Dad handed over the 100 emeralds and there was a large CHA-CHING noise.

“Congratulations on becoming a resident of the Colony of Deep Dark. Thanks for joining us!” Fred said.

Dad thanked him over and over again, then ran off to check out the new home. Dean stayed behind, talking with Fred and doing some trade.

“Hey Fred,” said Dean. “What sort of stuff are you buying nowadays?”

“Well, I’m always looking for sticks,” Fred said, “but nowadays I’m looking for lots of stuff. What have you got for sale?”

“I have sticks. But I’d also love to trade some string for emeralds. We got a ton of it when we were fighting the cave spiders in the mines. How much string do you think you’d want or need?” asked Dean.

“I think fourteen string will be enough. I’m desperately in need of it, but I’ll have to write a check to the banker to get more on hand. Also, let me say, thanks to you guys I am making tons of stuff,” Said Fred. “It is so hard to get supplies living in the middle of a village in the middle of a monster-infested cavern at the bottom of a cavern. Who would have thought it?”

They chuckled.

“Well, I’m glad we could help,” Dad said, coming up to them. “Sorry I was gone for a bit. I had to go see the new place. Spoiler alert — it is awesome!”

Dean and Dad set off for the new home. It had two entrances, both of which were on the second floor. And within, it had a window on its ground floor, and then a terrace over the wall looking down into the Deep Dark.

“This is super cool!” Dean said. Dad agreed.

And then they got to work.

First, Dean put down a crafting table and Dad put down a furnace in the second room. “Always nice to have a workshop,” he said, looking at the furnace and the crafting table with pride. Together they placed a chest and filled it up with all of the ores and craft components.

Next, Dean made two beds, one blue and one brown, while Dad put down another chest. This one in the bedroom. He filled it with all of their food and crafted goods.

Dad went to the furnace and began cooking all of the beef, lamb and chicken, adding the many many ores that they had collected from the mines after the food was finished.

Meanwhile, Dean went upstairs, placed another crafting table, and got to work on decorations. He wanted it all to look good. He made another chest, then started crafting stone chairs and tables. He rounded it all out with a a armor stand with a zombie head costume on top of it!

And, as a finishing touch, the two of them put together a forging table and an anvil.

Looking over their creation, Dean and Dad nodded to one another. No words need to be said. It was the best house that anyone could ever imagine. They walked over to their terrace and stared out into the Deep Dark. They now had their base. They had crafted all they could craft, were full up on food, weapons, and armor.

It was time to go outside, and see what dangers the Deep Dark had to offer them.

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