Minecraft Monarchies – #18

They looked it over and made a plan. They could see a glowing post at the place they needed to go to. Which was helpful. But there were a lot of monsters out there. And there were sure to be more when they went out the doors.

Especially if the difficulty level had somehow raised permanently, and not just for the duration of the mine quest.

“Alright, Dad, I’ll go second since I’m better with the bow. I can probably kill most monsters before they get to us. You keep out your sword, so if they get close you can hit them and give me time to change weapons.”

Dad pointing out to a group of Endermen who were playing some distane away. It looked like they were tossing the head of a zombie between them.

“What do we do if those guys get involved?” he asked.

“Run,” Dean said. He shivered at the thought of it. “But hopefully that won’t happen. There’s a lot of dark between here and the sign. We’re going to have to fight monsters, then put down torches and run back to base to heal. Back and forth. Anywhere we have torches won’t have mosnters the next time we head out. Boom. Neither of us dies and we win the day.”

Dad put out his arm and grabbed Dean’s hand. “Before we go, let’s sleep in the beds. I don’t want to die and wake up somewhere else. I have no idea where I slept last.”

“Alright,” Dean said. “And then let’s also go visit the temple in the morning. We’re going to get a lot more rotten flesh. I think we should sell the bunch we have before we go.”

Dad shrugged. “Sounds good to me,” he said. The two of them walked down to their new beds in their new homes and went to sleep.

They awoke a moment later, ready to go.

CHECKPOINT SET a brief notification informed them.

“Did you grab the kimchi?” Dean asked.

Dad stared at him in a way that suggested he had grown a third eye. “The what now?”

“The kimchi,” Dean said, laughing. “At school my friends call it kimchi because that’s what it looks like.”

“Ah,” Dad said, understanding lighting his eyes. Living in Korea as they did certainly added some new things ideas to Dad’s daily life. “Yes, I have the kimchi right here.”

They went out the door and walked through the village center to get to the temple. There were just a few villagers out this morning, and they waved and grunted as Dean and Dad passed.

Coming to the door of the temple, they shared a look, wondering if they should knock. Then Dean opened the door and the two of them stepped in.

“Greetings,” said the cleric inside. He was draped in overhanging robes, a medallion of red dust fastened to its front. Around them the temple was bigger than most of the homes they’d seen in this village, but not by much.

“Hi there. We’re here to sell some rotten flesh. I don’t suppose you know anybody who would be interested?” Dean asked.

The cleric’s eyes widened. “Yes. Me! Me! I pay 1 emerald for 32 pieces.”

Dad walked up and handed him their pile, getting 3 emeralds back for themselves.

“If you find anymore, come here and let me know promptly,” the cleric said. “By the way my name is Mann.”

“Mann?” Dean asked.

“Well, my last name is Mann, so really I am Mister Mann. But my first name is Supercalafrajalisticexbealadoshus. And people don’t like having to say all of that. So Mann, Manny or Mister Mann will certainly do.”

Dean and Dad thanked Supercalafrajalisticexbealadoshus Mann for his time, and then left the temple. They were now officially ready to head outside and kick some monster butt.

The two of them headed to the main gate and clicked the button. The villager garrison opened the iron doors.

And just like that, a zombie was smashing Dad with his blocky fists.

Dean stood, stunned, as Dad started swinging his glowing sword wildly. How had that zombie gotten in so quickly?

And then the villagers had pulled a lever and shut the doors. Now it was just Dad and the zombie trapped in a little space between two iron doors.

“I’m gonna die!” Dad yelled, whacking the zombie over and over again as it smacked him around. His hearts were dropping fast. Then, as he dropped to one heart, the thing fell over sideaways and faded to bits of rotten flesh.

A moment later, the doors were opened again.

“Dad!” Dean said, grabbing his hand and pulling him inside. The doors slammed shut again, keeping any monsters from going inside. “Eat some food. You were almost a goner!”

Dad ate a steak and then some lamb chop, munching and belching without any choice in the matter due to Minecraft’s eating programming. Soon after, he was back to full health.

“Alright. I think that zombie was right at the door, so it got the jump on me. But now I’m absoultely one-hundred percent ready to rumble,” Dad said. He raised his sword.


“Huzzah!” Dean said, joining him in his war cry.

The two of them left the village, letting the metal doors clink closed behind them. To their side were two skeletons and three zombies. Dean immediately ran to the side, shooting arrows at the skeletons. Dad took off in the opposite direction, drawing the zombies away and doing battle with them with his sword.

Dean killed one skeleton, then a zombie dropped from above, almost hitting him. He dodge sideways, slashing and killing it. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Dad strike down two zombies, but take a few hits. Still, Dad killed the third, then ran over to help him.

Dean shook his head, killing the second zombie then switching to his sword. He wouldn’t need any help to finish off this bad boy.

Dad took the hint, nodding his head and switching to torches. He ran about the cavern section, planting torches anyplace that looked dark.

Dean slashed the zombie, then finished it off with a critical attack. The two of them joined together and looked at the lit section of the cavern.

They’d cleared a rather large swathe, all the way up to the glowing sign post.

‘NO TRESPASSING’ it warned. Above it stated ‘Kingdom of the Wicked Witchdom”. And beyond the post they could see spiders, endermen, and zombies.

“Spiders incoming,” Dad yelled, just now noticing a group of them climbing up the side of the mountain to come grab then and maybe even lay eggs in their eyes. It was gross to think about.

“Ew, ew, ew!” Dad yelled, adding a new ew to every swordstroke.

Dean was hit in the back with and arrow, and he saw two skeletons had come up and around to fight them from behind. He changed to his bow and charged after them. Hit the first one a few times and the second one a few time more, he finished the mobs off just in time to hear an explosion.

An explosion?! Dad!

Dean turned and saw a new crater where there hadn’t been one before. He sprinted forward, looking to see if Dad had died and left all of his stuff behind. And he sighed with relief when he found Dad standing there, eating lamp chop after lamp chop like the world’s hungriest bombing target.

Dean didn’t know what to say, so he waved. Dad, his mouth full of food, waved back. “My iron armor saved me,” he mumbled through the inevitable belch. And then he pointed.

Dean followed his block hand and saw the entrance to a castle. To THE castle. It was a way in to their quest! They wouldn’t have to fight through all of the mobs outside to get in!

Dean smiled at the broken sign hanging above it, waiting for Dad to finish his food. Then, both of them with their glowing swords drawn, shoulder-by-shoulder, they walked into the castle.

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