Newton VS Tesla by Yoon Chai

Once upon a time there was a man named Newton. And Newton was full because he had eaten Apple Edison.

One day Newton drank some tea. Suddenly, from the sky, lightning struck Newton. He was angry. He shook his fist at the sky.

“Who did that? Stop it” he yelled.

But from behind there was Tesla. And he looked very mean.

“You are Einstein’s friend. But I want to be Einstein’s friend!”

But Newton said, “I am his best friend. I will fight you!”

“Oh yes!” Tesla said. He put up his fists. But there was lightning power in his hands!

But Newton had many apples. He threw 3 apples very hard and they hit his forehead, and both of his shoulders.

“Ouch!” said Tesla. “I have many inventions. You shouldn’t fight me.”

He pulled out many rocket bombs and he fired them at Newton. Then he had his satellite drop many more rocket bombs. There were explosions everywhere and Earth was broken into many pieces.

Newton saw this and he pulled out his apples. He understood gravity. He put all the apples in the middle of space and all of the Earth came together again. And apples became the new Earth core.

“Wow, gravity is so powerful,” Tesla said. “Your apples are stronger than my lightning.”

But behind Tesla the moon fell and hit his shoulder.

Tesla was smooshed into a pancake.

And Newton ate the Tesla pancake.

But Elon Musk was sad because his cars are named after Tesla. So now his cars are named Newton.

The End!

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