Minecraft Monarchies – #22

With tons of coal in the chest and lots of stuff to refine with a furnace, Dean and Dad headed back to the castle. On the way, they noticed that the sugarcane had gotten very tall.

“Hey Dad, we’ve got tons of sugarcane to harvest already!” shouted Dean.

“Well that’s nice,” Dad answered. “Maybe we should make a cake sometime when we get the ingredients.”

“Yeah, good idea.”

Dean and Dad started harvesting the sugarcane. There was so much of it that they weren’t even sure what they’d be able to do with it all at the end of the day. When the harvest was finished, all told there were 3 stacks (64 items each) of sugarcane.

“Jeez, that is so much sugarcane,” Dad sighed. “But I wish this process was automated though. It would be so much easier.”

Dean went to put the sugarcane into chests.

And Dad stared out across the water. It looked like, maybe, the was something on the other side of the sea. Was that a house?

Dad couldn’t tell for sure. And all he had for food when his game body decided to get hungry was a piece of rotten flesh.

Yum yum.

He decided to check out the mystery across the sea later. Dad turned to Dean.

“Hey do you mind if I go and get some food? I’m out because of that nightmare cavern, and all I’ve got is some zombie jerky.”

Dean laughed. “Yuck. Yeah Dad, I could use some meat too,” Dean said. Dad smiled and hefted his trident. Then off he went.

Over the mountain and through the woods, Dad kept his eyes open, just waiting for a delicious looking pig, sheep or chicken to wander his way.

And he was in luck. First he found five chickens, all of them clucking about, laying eggs, and doing stupid chicken stuff. He ended that quickly.

Then Dad found some sheep. His thoughts went to not just their meat, but their wool as well. If he could get enough of them he could make some extra beds for him and Dean to carry along with them.

Without maybe stealing some villagers comfy little sleep place.

Through his magical trident across the river, it took him a couple of tries. But he got them as well.

This was fun! Dad continued walking, look for more animals.

There, atop a grassy rise, was a dumb-looking cow. Dad could see its eyes staring down at the ground, just screaming for it to be made into beef.

Dad let go loose with his trident and killed it. Then Dad checked around the hill, and found two more cows there as well.

By the time Dad came back, he had a lot of meat.

“How was hunting?” Dean asked. Dad smiled. “I didn’t get us as stocked up as we were before the cavern. But I wouldn’t worry about going hungry for a while.”

Dean broke a block while Dad was watching, and his mouth about dropped to the ground.

“Wha- what is that?” he asked. Dean mined the cobblestone block and dad watched as another one took its place.

“Oh,this? I’m just mining cobblestone.”

Dad stepped back, watching Dean do it again.

“Did you make that?”

Dean smiled. “Yeah, I make them all the time. It is infinite cobblestone. Just come over when you need some, mine the block, and another appears after.”

Dad put his blocky hand up to his chin. “Could you do something like that for obsidian?”

Dean paused. “That is a cool idea. I don’t think you can though. Still, if we find a place with lots of water and lots of magma, we can get as much obsidian as we want.”

Dad nodded. “Well, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take some of those blocks and go cook us up some supplies. I think maybe there is something across the sea, and I would love for us to get in a boat and check it out.”

“Alright, have fun. I’ll be here when you get back.”

Dad went to the castle and looked around its many empty spaces. Then he found the perfect spot. Something scenic and next to a window so he could look out while he was cooking.

He assembled the furnace, then started it on some chicken. It might have been just a game, but the feel and taste was real. And he was feeling pretty hungry now.

He couldn’t wait to tear in.

He pulled the first grilled chicken out and ate it. Then the second and the third. Finally he was sated, so he cooked up the beef and lamb, some more chicken, and put it all in his inventory to give half to Dean.

He also started up some refining because he figured he could just let it run while he was gone. This wasn’t like the real world where a burning stove can set a house on fire.

With that all set, he went back out to see Dean, and to share his food.

“So, what do you think. Are you ready for a boating adventure?” Dad asked.

Dean picked up his last block. “Yeah, just let me go put away some of this inventory, in case I die. Oh and let’s sleep and then head out during the day so there aren’t monsters everywhere.”

It was already getting dark so Dean and Dad went back to the castle and laid down in their beds.

“Good night, Dad!” Dean said, smiling.

“Good night, Dean!” Dad said, smiling back.

A few seconds later it was the next morning and they got out of bed, ready for their next adventure. Dean and Dad headed over to the boat house, most of their inventory left behind in chests in the castle.

They only traveled with what they needed. Because otherwise, well, they might lost it all!

Dean got into the boat, and then Dad got behing him. They both set off on into the big blue sea.

As they got closer, they could see it. There was a house! And not only that, there were a bunch of drowned in the water nearby.

“This seems a bit out of the way and special. I wonder if there is a quest here,” Dad said.

Dean pulled them in closer while Dad got his trident ready for combat.

Throwing it hard, the trident struck one drownded in the head and it fell over and died. Dean pulled out his crossbow and shot another one. From here they could see a villager, plain brown robes indicated no job or profession, running around in circles on top of the sand.

Tehre wasn’t a quest. But there was someone who needed saving. And Dean and Dad were just the two to do it.

Dad killed another of the drowned, and they pulled up with the ship. The poor villager was sobbing.

“Oh thank you so much, heroes. Those water zombies, they moan and groan and torture my sleep. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come!”


They both turned to each other, surprise on their face. There was a quest here after all. And they’d already finished it!

The villager handed Dean a golden carrot, thanking him again for his help.

Dean’s blocky cheeks reddened. “Oh, it was nothing,” he said.

They stayed and chatted with the villager a little bit, seeing if he had any important game information, and just seeing what he was like. But when the villager, named Tommy, invited them in, they both said no.

“Sorry, Tommy, but we are on a naval adventure. We are going to sail these coasts until we run out of food, and see what neat and wonderful things we can find,” Dad proclaimed.

“And treasure,” Dean said, practically drooling.

“Well, good luck heroes,” Tommy said. “Thanks for all of your help and if you ever want to come by and visit, well, I make a wonderful mushroom stew!”

They said there good-bye, then got into the boat and rowed off. There were other surprises, quests, and treasures awaiting them.

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