Einstein VS Edison by Yoon Chai

Once upon a time, Einstein was eating an apple. He had gotten it from his friend, Newton. But Edison was angry because Newton didn’t give him an apple. And he was hungry.

And Edison had a super lightbulb, so he threw the lightbulb at Einstein. And he was very hurt. He felt sick. He dropped the apple.

Edison took the apple. “It is now my apple,” he said.

But Einstein was very angry. And he had the power of E=MC2. So Einstein took mass and the speed of light squared and he threw it at Edison. He groaned loudly and was thrown to his back.

“Ouch!” Edison said. “Now you can’t watch my movie.”

Einstein was sad about this. And tired. Einstein went to his bed, and he slept.

But Einstein’s friend Newton made apple rain. Apple juice fell everywhere. Then there was an apple hurricane.

Edison was caught in the hurricane. He was hurt and hurt. And now Edison is an Apple Man!

Einstein woke up. And Einstein was still hungry for apples so he saw the Edison Apple Man and he ate him!

And Newton ate him too. THE END!

Published by Damien Lee Hanson

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