Rock, Scissors, Paper by Yoon Chai

Once upon a time, Rockman, Scissorsman, and Paperman were living together. Their home was a pencil sharpener.

One day, they were outside, and they were playing.

But the next day, it was a rainy day. They were home. Rockman, Scissorsman, and Paperman played a board game. And the rain cleared up.

Rockman, Scissorsman and Paperman went outside and played. But Rockman, Sicssorman and Paperman saw a very big tree. And they gave the big tree a name. The name was Trick.

And the next day, they went outside to play. And they played together with Trick. He was their new friend.

But the next day, and the next day, and the next day, Trick was gone. And the friends were sad because they wanted to play with Trick.

But Scissorman learned why Trick wasn’t there to play with them. Pencilman cut Trick down and now he was gone forever. Scissorman was sad and angry. He told Rockman and Paperman. They were sad and angry too!

So the three of them went to find Pencilman. They found him at the forest. He was cutting another tree!

They hit and punched him. Then they had a good idea. Scissorman cut Pencilman because it was his special attack. Rock man jumped, and pounded Pencilman. And then Pencilman ran very very far away. And he never ever came back.

Episode 1 Finished!

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