Minecraft Monarchies – #25

It didn’t take Dean long to find Dad. He was over by the farms, reaping grain and replanting it. A farmer stood nearby, watching him with narrowed eyes.

“What are you doing?” the farmer asked him.

“Helping!” Dad said with a grin. Dean laughed and went over to join him. The farmer fumed, graoning irritated vilager sounds, and stomped off.

“I thought you were going to go get coal and cooks some meat,” Dean said. He went over and harvested some wheat for himself as well. The farmer groaned louder, annoyed to see the two of them reap what he had sown.

“Yeah, I did. But then I ran out of coal and started looking around . . . and saw this nice little plot here.”

Dean looked at the angry farmer. “I think in the mod you might be a thief right now.”

Dad chuckled. “Yeah. Oops.”

Dean sighed and walked over to the farmer. “Sorry about that. We will pay you, of course. We are just from a village where all of the food is owned by everybody.”

The farmer’s mouth dropped wide open. “Oh, no, it’s not that. It’s just that, well, this is my only job. I literally have nothing else to do in this village. I just want you to be heroes and me to be able to be a farmer.”

“Oh,” Dean said, and he smiled. “Oops. Here, have some bread and we promise that next time we’ll let you do your job.”

The farmer nodded. “Thanks,” he said, and Dean and Dad went off, looking for what else the village might offer.

It didn’t take them long. Wandering through the steep cliffs of the valley, Dean and Dad marveled at the many homes built into the rocky sides. And the powerful echoes of the place brought to them a sound of trouble — a villager was crying.

Looking down into one of the cavern alcoves, the two of them saw him. His face was down in his hands, and he was facing towards the wall. At first they thought he might be in some sort of danger. After all, he was standing in the flowing water of a mountain stream. But there were no monsters.

They went over to see if they could help.

“Hey there,” Dean said, the first to arrive. “How are you doing? What’s wrong?”

The villager sniffed and looked at him. “I made a new home. A fantastic home! The biggest home in the village. But then I dug really far down for my fourth basement — and I found a basement full of monsters!”

Dad came over and patted him on the shoulder. “That sounds scary. Do you need some heroes to help?”

Dean pulled out his magic sword and Dad got his trident. The villagers eyes widened.

“Are you two heroes? I — well, that is to say — of course I’ll take your help! Thank you, heroes. My wonderful, huge home is all I have. I would hate to lose it to a bunch of monsters.”



Dad stuck out his blocky chest. “They don’t call me Dad Best Hero Hanson for nothing. I’ll have you house clean and clear in no time.”

The villager nodded and led them over to his home, opening the door and letting them in. The first floor was full of light from the torches he’d placed. But looking down the first flight of stairs, they saw things got very dark, very fast.

“Stay outside and close the door,” Dad said. “Things might get dangerous.”

As soon as the door closed, Dean whacked Dad with his sword.

“OW!” Dad said.

“They don’t call me Dad Best Hero Hanson for nothing? What was that?” he asked and they both shared a laugh.

“Yeah, maybe that was a little over-the-top. Alright, lesson learned. I’ll eat a piece of bread now to get my hunger back up, thank you very much.”

Dean and Dad went down the stairs slowly, looking left and then right.

A single zombie stormed out of the darkness. Dean had him dead and gone in just a few seconds.

“Nice fighting,” Dad said. Dean smiled and nodded. They went to the next flight of stairs.

Heading down, they narrowly avoided an arrow. It plocked by, sticking into the wall. Then Dad killed it with his trident.

Then they headed to the next flight of stairs and headed down.

And there, in the next basement, they saw the scariest thing they’d ever seen to date. The stony room was packed with twenty creepers. And spawners there were spinning out more!

Dean reacted, swinging out at the first line of creepers that charged him. They exploded, breaking the stairs and dropping him down to unknown lower levels.

“Dad! Help!” he yelled, his health down to four hearts and an army of creppers coming for him. He killed one with his sword, then another. A third and a fourth flashed white, but he got out of the way before they exploded and made a large crater in the floor.

Water gushed into the crater.

Above him, Dad threw his trident over and over again, watching it repair midair with each return.

“I’m trying Dean!” he yelled. They both heard it clang yet again as it killed another creeper. There were a lot less now, but the spawners where still spinning them out. Dad looked at Dean and saw that the crater full of water was keeping him a little protected.

And he made a decision.

“Geronimo!” Dad yelled, jumping into the water. He switched over to his pickaxe, and ran through a clump of creepers, just barely avoiding their explosions. More water gushed into the broken basement.

“I hope the quest didn’t require us to keep the house whole,” Dean said.

Dad laughed maniacally. There was no time to do anything else. Not really. He had to stay focused.

Hopping through another clump, Dad smashed apart of spawner.

“Dad, behind you!” Dean yelled. Dad turned and knocked back a creeper with his pickaxe — and Dean killed it with an arrow.

“Nice shot!” Dad yelled.

“Thanks,” Dean said.

Dad charged through another clump and broke another spawner while Dean plocked the creepers full of his powerful arrows.

And doing it again, suddenly the basement was clear.

“Holy moly Dean. We did it!” Dad exclaimed.

Dean clapped, then pulled out some bread to munch on. “That was a close one. We need to find some better loot so we can fight these quests that much more easily.”

Dad nodded. “Yeah we do. And honestly I’d be super happy if we could get some diamond armor. Speaking of loot, shall we go talk to the villager and get our reward?” he asked.

Dean jumped up and down. “Absolutely! And then on to the next quest!”

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