Minecraft Monarchies – #26

Dean and Dad returned to the villager and got their reward. The sun was going down and darkness was rising. So they did what all smart heroes do when living in a game of Minecraft.

They found a house with empty beds and they slept, letting the system fast forward them to the next day.

Getting up the next day, they walked out the door to the glorious sunshine — and found a villager standing in front of the door. He was mumbling to himself and his clothing was a purple version of what the villagers usually wore.

He was quite strange.

“Um, hello?” Dean asked in greeting. Dad stood by his side, looking him up and down and wondering if maybe they’d found some new kind of witch.

“Hi!” the villager said. Then he waited expectantly, just staring at the two of them.

Dean turned to Dad. “He’s not working. Maybe I should poke him with my sword?”

The villager’s eyes went wide.

“Oh, no. Don’t do that! I am here to meet the heroes of the realm and, um, I’m sorry. I just don’t know how to do all of this.” He cast his eyes down to the stony ground.

“Oh don’t do that,” Dad said. “You are doing fine. You said you are here to meet the heroes of the realm, so I’m guessing you have a quest?”

His face rleaxed and he made a villager Mrrhrr noise that sounded quite content.

“Oh, yes, please! One of those thank you!”

“What’s your name?” Dean asked.

“I am Eric Kim Von Sejin the III. Lord over Sky City!” He smiled. “And I am very pleased to meet you!”

Dad nodded. “Nice to meet you. Now, about that quest . . .”

“Ages ago, in the time of the round blocks, there existed a great man. That man betrothed with a princess of the tribes and soon they created the first of the monarchies —”

“Skip,” Dean said.

Dad’s mouth dropped wide open. “No. NO! Tell me the backstory! I want my LORE!”

“A yes, so as you now understand the tale of the Fire Giants, you understand that the treacherous volcano that troubles our cliffs and valleys has an origin — an origin that can be quenched. By quarrying stone from the cliffsides, you may end the threat of the volcano and free our land of its territory. But beware, because the servants of the Dark Ones will seek to prevent you.”

“Fire Giants?” Dad asked with a long moan. “Dark Ones?! Dean, you little brat. I wanted to hear that.”

“Google it later when the game’s done, Dad,” Dean said and Dad laughed.

“Alright. So, anyways, the quest is to kill a volcano?” Dad asked.

“Indeed,” Eric Kim Von Sejin the III said.

“And what’s the treasure?” Dean asked.

“Within the volcano lie precious stones, the heart of the curse that has plagued us for all these millenia.”

“It’s gold,” Dean said. “Ooh, maybe emeralds too!”

“Quest accepted, Eric,” Dad said, the mission popped up before their very eyes.



“Thanks Eric,” Dean said. Then the two of them ran off to the closest hill, seeking a way up to the top of the volcano.

It wasn’t too hard, but they did have to dig some ground out to make a good set of stairs up. And Dad placed some dirt blocks to make it look nice. They moved slowly, and cautiously, looking for any signs of the enemies that Eric had warned them about.

But there was nothing. Soon, they were at the volcano. They began to move around it, mining stone. And then Dean found something.

“Hey, Dad, come over here. You’ve gotta see this!”

Dad ran over, his weapon ready. But instead of some monster or other danger, he found an open door. Dean had found a secret chamber!

“What is this place,” Dad asked. Dean smiled, guiding Dad inside and pointing to the edge of the room. There was a window, past which spilled magma flows. It made a warm red glow and filled the room with the smell of burnt metal.

But underneath that window sat a chest. A chest that looked like it really wanted to be opened quite badly.

“Well,” Dad said, pointed and hopping up and down. “Open it up!”

Inside was a full set of diamond armor! Dean already had the Netherite chest plate, but still, replacing all of the rest of the iron armor with diamond was a dream come true.

Dean gave the chest palte to Dad while putting the rest of it on himself.

“That was a wonderful find Dean! And a good time for it too. I’m starting to get worried about that warning from Eric,” Dad said. “Where are those monsters from the Dark Ones. Heck, what are the monsters from the Dark Ones?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Dean said. “We’ve got good weapons and armor. Whatever they are, if they come, I think that we can fight them.”

The two of them left the place, closing the door behind them.

“You know,” Dad said. “I think that place might make a neat home after the volcano is dead. Especially if this place expands and grows like some of the other cities have since we started the game.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, I suppose. But I kinda want to have a giant mansion in the side of the cliff. And then a ladder riding up the side from somewhere down in the valley. We have to climb a mile to get to the front door. And one false step means we die and respawn in bed!”

Dad’s eyes were wide. “Yeah, um, let’s not do that.”

Dean and Dad made their way up to the top of the volcano, looking back and forth. Still no monsters! Pulling pickaxes out, they first minded all of the volcanos side rock to expose all of the magma within. Then, slowly but surely, they began to lay their stones, ending the magma source bit by bit.

“This might be the easiest mission we’ve ever had,” Dad enthused. Dean laughed and then thunder cracked and it started to rain.

“Yeah, but maybe we should go back to town. I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this,” he said.

Dad looked at him. “Hey, you said no worries, right?”

Just then came the sound of raucous cawing. And from above descended the screaming rotted bodies of an army of phantoms!

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