Minecraft Monarchies #28

The wind began to blow, and a misty smell filled the air. All at once we were transported back to the home below, the place where the water boy had brought us the first time.

“Thank you, heroes,” the water sighed from the doorway. “I can feel myself departing. Soon I will be with my father again.”

“Happy to help,” Dad said.

“There is a treasure here in my old home. Take it and be happy.”

The voice trailed away, and Dean and Dad could feel that his presence was no more.

“Wow,” Dean said, sighing. “That was a really sad story.”

Dad nodded. “It was a pretty good one. And I’m glad that it had a happy ending.”

“Me too,” Dean replied. They noticed a chest in the house, one they hadn’t seen before, and they walked over to it and opened it. Inside there was a boat, a fishing rod, a bucket of fish, and empty bucket, and 2 sacs of glowing ink.

“Thank you,” Dad said, and Dean put it all in his inventory. And then they headed back up the stairs and into Sky City.

When they arrived, they found two scholars waiting for them.

“Uh, hello?” Dean said. They’d both seen these guys before, but they usually hung out by the library. It was strange to see them so far away from their homes.

“Greetings brave heroes. In recognition of your service to our city, we would like to ask you to build a home here, so that you may visit often and house you equipment within our fair town,” they said.

We looke at each other. It might have been a glitch, they weren’t sure, but the two had spoken the same words in the same exact tone at the same exact time. And it was creepy.

It reminded Dean of a horror movie.

Above them appeared words and Dad started hopping up and down.



“This is a dream come true!” Dad said, drawing the last word out. “We should build a mansion, something amazing and wonderful and very very big.”

Dean laughed. “Well, we can’t stay here forever Dad. How about let’s spend the day building and finish it up in time for night?”

Dad nodded eagerly, then took off running.

“Dad, where are you going?”

“It’s time to build, Dean. Every second counts and I’m not going to lose a single one!”

Dad ran and Dean followed. around the corners and over the chasm they went. Dean chugged along, passing Dad when he got caught on a ledge, and taking the lead in their sudden impromptu race.

“Haha, I’m going to beat you.” Dean said. And then he was hot by a potion.

“You killed my brother and my other brother,” the villager snarled. We saw that he was a witch. He’d somehow gotten into the village! “Now you will die like they did.”

Dad pulled out his trident and Dean pulled out his sword. But he was moving so slowly. He managed one hit on the witch, knocking it back. And then Dad smashed it with his trident. The witch died.

“That was crazy,” Dean moaned. “How the heck did a witch get into the village?”

Dad looked around suspiciously. “I don’t know, but let’s tell the golems on our way over to go build a house.”

Dad told one of the golems and then, that task cleared, they went ahead and started buiilding their house.

Finally the two went past a farm and past the galleon in the harbor, and they saw an empty plot with their names hovering above it.

This was it. This was the place where they were going to build the Port City HQ. They moved all of their building blocks into their quick inventory bar and they started to build. Dad stacked wooden blocks three high to make the first floor and to start the room.

Dean put in some ladders and starting slapping blocks together to make the second.

Dad put in doors, beds and windows, then stopped and looked up in admiration.

“Wow, Dean, you really have a good eye for this. That second floor looks amazing!”

Dean smiled. “Your first floor is great too. I can’t wait to see what this looks like when it is finished.”

And not long later, it was. Dad stood back, looking at their creation while Dean went ahead and took a running jump off of the room and into the water.

“Geronimo!” he yelled. He had no idea what the word meant, but he’d heard it from a movie before.

It looked amazing. And, even better, it finished their quest.

QUEST COMPLETE the game proclaimed. Everything was starting to get dark now, so Dean and Dad went inside and checked the place out.

The first floor was a beautiful red-brown jungle timber that really made them feel like home.

And the second floor looked even cooler, giving them an amazing view over the ocean.

“So how did we do, Dad?” Dean asked.

“We did well, son. We did super well.”

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