Dean Hanson

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Rivaled in Roblox

Kids who love Roblox will love this. It is the story of 10-year old Dean Hanson and the wild adventures he has trying to escape from inside Roblox back to his parents and home.

Age Level: 7-11 Grade Level: 2nd and up

In Book 1, naughty kid gamer Dean Hanson snuck out of bed to play computer at night — and he found himself trapped in a real life immersive world, the real world of Roblox. Winning his way out of it and back to his home and his parents, he now found that he had a permanent way back.

And many adventures followed.

But new worlds aren’t without their peril. Even ones found in games. When Dean’s friend Gabriel comes for a sleepover, Dean brings him with for a Roblox adventure — then they find themselves trapped in a rivalry with a group of gamer trolls, and their means of exit taken away from them.

Can Dean and Gabriel beat the trolls and get home before their parents find them missing?

Follow Dean and Gabriel as they further explore the Roblox world, from beatboxing, to tearing through dangerous obbies, out-strategizing enemy tank commanders, and out-thinking their rivals in the msot exciting tower defense championship Roblox has ever faced.

Published by Damien Lee Hanson

I am the founder of Damien Hanson Books. Come check out awesome authors right here at my website!

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