The Cursed Tree by 6th Grade Duo Team Pretty Yojadul

Once upon a time there was a boy. Every morning he hunted unicorns because he loved unicorn horns. One day he met Grandfather Oak, the tree grandfather. The tree grandfather looked very angry and he said to the boy, “Give me all of your unicorn horns.” The boy was scared. “What? A talking tree?” heContinue reading “The Cursed Tree by 6th Grade Duo Team Pretty Yojadul”

The Day I Found Mining Very Unlucky

Hey guys it’s me again, today I would interest you in Minecraft. It may sound weird but Minecraft games are in Roblox right now. I’ll show you what I mean This was my private server. I made it because in one of the public servers I lasted a long time before someone taking over myContinue reading “The Day I Found Mining Very Unlucky”

My First Tank Training Date

Oh hi, I learned how to drive a tank today. First I started by going in to four wars! Okay, yeah, you caught me. I actually already did those and this game isn’t exactly new to me. But it is fun and I have never talked about it, so when my dad said it wasContinue reading “My First Tank Training Date”