Drawing Contest! by Dames Handsome

Hey everybody just a quick word. Anyone want to win a free copy of Fairy Knights book 4 when it releases? Warwick is off teaching summer classes so we are going to have a coloring and drawing contest! Draw your favorite Fairy Knights scene and send it to me at damien@damienhansonbooks.com. The winner will getContinue reading “Drawing Contest! by Dames Handsome”

An Interview with Child Author Dean Hanson

So you wrote a novella at the age of nine. I’m impressed. What can you tell us about yourself? Hi everyone, I’m Dean. I am 11 in Korean age and 10 years old in American age. I am from South Korea and I am also American because of my fat dad. I speak American EnglishContinue reading “An Interview with Child Author Dean Hanson”

Kid’s Author Finishes Novel, Goes Back to Bed

I just published my third one! For those of you not in the know this is the series I write for my 10 year old son. The first two were based on tabletop we played together and this new third one was kept away from him so he can have a brilliant new experience whenContinue reading “Kid’s Author Finishes Novel, Goes Back to Bed”