Dean Hanson

Dean Hanson’s new book has just released! Come check it out on Kids who love Roblox will love this. It is the story of 10-year old Dean Hanson and the wild adventures he has trying to escape from inside Roblox back to his parents and home. Age Level: 7-11 Grade Level: 2nd and up

Minecraft Monarchies #29

Dean and Dad become Minecraft knights #litrpg #minecraft #books #adventure #serial #kids

Minecraft Monarchies #27

Dean and Dad complete the Volcano Quest, and stumble into a new one. #litrpg #kids #minecraft

Minecraft Monarchies – #25

Dad and Dean pledge to clear a house of monsters. Things go slightly awry. #kids #litrpg #minecraft #free #book

Minecraft Monarchies – #24

Dean and Dad find new secrets and a wonderfully unique city. #kids #minecraft #free #serial #reading

Rock, Scissors, Paper by Yoon Chai

Rock, Scissors and Paper are friends. When they make a new tree friend they are happy. But something bad happens and they are angry. #kids #writing #books

Minecraft Monarchies – #23

Dad and Dean sail through the ocean at night #minecraft #kids #freereads #book #kidsbook #serial #litrpg

Minecraft Monarchies – #22

With tons of coal in the chest and lots of stuff to refine with a furnace, Dean and Dad headed back to the castle. On the way, they noticed that the sugarcane had gotten very tall. “Hey Dad, we’ve got tons of sugarcane to harvest already!” shouted Dean. “Well that’s nice,” Dad answered. “Maybe we…

Newton VS Tesla by Yoon Chai

Newton is Einstein’s best friend. But Tesla wants to be his best friend! A world-shattering fight ensues. #kidswriting #action #funny

Minecraft Monarchies – #21

More novel things are discovered in the cavern of doom. Dad dies and Dean runs to find his respawn. #minecraft #litrpg #kids

Sorry for the wait everyone!

Thanks for reading! We will have more Minecraft Monarchies soon. Things just got very busy this week so we didn’t have time to play yet. We should start again on Monday.

Minecraft Monarchies – #20

Dean and Dad head back to town then go on some errands. Dean almost pays for them with his life! #kids #minecraft

Minecraft Monarchies – #19

Dad and Dean fight through the castle and fight the strongest boss battle yet. #kids #minecraft #litrpg

Minecraft Monarchies – #18

Dad and Dean clear out the monsters from outside the city — and find an entrace to the castle. #litrpg #minecraft #kids

Minecraft Monarchies – #17

Dean and Dad go to the Deep Dark Colony and buy a house! Lots of crafting ensues. #litrpg #kids #minecraft #kidsbooks

Minecraft Monarchies – #16

Dean and Dad battle through the Mines of the DeepDark and pacify it for the villagers below #litrpg #kids #minecraft

Minecraft Monarchies – #15

Dean and Dad head back to tell Brian the good news. But something is amiss in the Kingdom of Kanterberry Blockdom. #litrpg #minecraft #kids

Minecraft Monarchies – #9

Another quest?! But Dean and Dad haven’t finished the last one! #minecraft #kids #kidsbooks #litrpg

Minecraft Monarchies – #7

Dean and Dad find out that Minecraft Monarchies has quests. What other wonders does this full-immersion in-the-game Mod hold?

Minecraft Monarchies – #5

Dad and Dean finally get their magic swords . . . but bad things find them and their village. #litrpg #minecraft #books #free #kids

Sorry for the Long Hiatus.

We were on vacation. But Dames Handsome and Dean Hanson are back and ready to restart posting! Stay tuned.

Isekai Kids: Lair of the Black Goblin

Hi Folks! I know it’s been forever, and I fully intend to remedy that going forward. As I look over my original post, I realize two very important things. I never updated this page to indicate the Isekai Kids: Lair of the Black Goblin was completed and has been published in both Kindle and Paperback…

The Addiction (YA Comedy Draft) by Team Pretty Yojadul

This was the first attempt at writing a scary story. Team Yojadul quickly turned it into a hilarious comedy but have decided they really want to write a scary story, so this one has been abandoned.

Fairy Knights is opening up a clothing line of cute and awesome stuff!

A very long title, but it is what it is. Warwick and I are making cute shirts, bags, hoodies, sweaters . . . basically anything that Amazon will let us make!Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting up our designs and setting up a store front so that you can find them. No pressure,…

Dames Handsome Interview

Dames Handsome had an interview with the relatable voice! Check it out in the link inside

The Derby Arena

It was fun being the Juggernaut, and I missed playing car crushers. It’s a really good experience because you get to really have fun playing this game.

Jingle Bells, Santa fell, who will save the day?

There will be an Online Christmas special this Saturday. Come check it out, hear a kids tale or two, and ask questions to your hearts content. You might even win a prize or two!

When I First Changed My Avatar

This is about the avatars buying robux and how to do stuff in the avatar editor. also the Featured image was painted on using so big thanks to for helping with the featured image.

Julie the Rabbit by Anonymous Student

Once upon a time there was a hero rabbit. Her name was Julie. And I don’t mean she was a rabbit who was a hero. I mean that her job title was hero rabbit. Hero rabbits save people and make the world a better place. One day Julie was having fun with her friends and…

Fairy Knights 4 has released

After the travails of the Pied Piper and that evil ninny Prince Picky, the Fairy Knights are stronger than ever before. But is Level 5 level enough for the Lands of Halloween? Ghosts and zombies might be the least of their worries, though, as an ancient evil lurks and one false step will not only…

Hero Author Fights Bully

Kid Author Dean Hanson faces down the bully that terrorizes his class, and does so with honor.

Meet the Isekai Kids!

Hi everyone! I’m Olivia Green, star of the Isekai Kids stories! Let me tell you how I ended up living an adventure in a place called Otherworld. It all started while I was out hitting the garage sales with my mom. Depending on where you’re from, you might call it a yard sale or a…

Check out My Instagram For 5 Second Story Chapters!

Hey everybody, Dames here, running ragged and just trying to keep everyone entertained haha. If you missed it, check out the site for the free book coloring contest. We are talking grade A physical copy signed by the author, so jump on in, pick out the picture you want, color it and send it to…

Fairy Knights 4 Spookiness Incoming!

Feeling Spooky? The Fairy Knights have you covered! Chew your nails in fright as the fearless team saves Fairy Village from the clutches of the Land of Halloween! Sadly this won’t publish in time for actual Halloween on the advice of my team, but it will be around for the gloomy and cold middle of…

The Cursed Tree by 6th Grade Duo Team Pretty Yojadul

Once upon a time there was a boy. Every morning he hunted unicorns because he loved unicorn horns. One day he met Grandfather Oak, the tree grandfather. The tree grandfather looked very angry and he said to the boy, “Give me all of your unicorn horns.” The boy was scared. “What? A talking tree?” he…

Dames Handsome releases the fourth book in the Fairy Knights series:

Gimpo Si, South Korea – On November 16th, Dames Handsome will release Trees’n Tricks, the fourth book in his Fairy Knights series. Get ready for a mashup of spooky creatures doing wacky things, a rather serious high-stakes clash, and fairy tale references from Western Europe, Russia, and Korea. A fun read for Halloween fans, this…

A K-Fairytale by SeoYule Kim

Creative Writing ESL Student SeoYule Kim tells the riveting tale of Eros, the handsome snake, a potato monster, a frog and a fairy.

Who is Hamster Rick?

Once upon a time, in the Strawberry Woods, there lived a tiny little hamster named Rick. His brothers and sisters were always bigger and stronger than Rick was, and he always felt bad about it. So every morning he would do all the push ups and sit ups that he could, and every night he…