Isekai Kids: Lair of the Black Goblin

Hi Folks! I know it’s been forever, and I fully intend to remedy that going forward. As I look over my original post, I realize two very important things. I never updated this page to indicate the Isekai Kids: Lair of the Black Goblin was completed and has been published in both Kindle and PaperbackContinue reading “Isekai Kids: Lair of the Black Goblin”

Fairy Knights 4 has released

After the travails of the Pied Piper and that evil ninny Prince Picky, the Fairy Knights are stronger than ever before. But is Level 5 level enough for the Lands of Halloween? Ghosts and zombies might be the least of their worries, though, as an ancient evil lurks and one false step will not onlyContinue reading “Fairy Knights 4 has released”