Check out My Instagram For 5 Second Story Chapters!

Hey everybody, Dames here, running ragged and just trying to keep everyone entertained haha. If you missed it, check out the site for the free book coloring contest. We are talking grade A physical copy signed by the author, so jump on in, pick out the picture you want, color it and send it toContinue reading “Check out My Instagram For 5 Second Story Chapters!”

Fairy Knights 4 Spookiness Incoming!

Feeling Spooky? The Fairy Knights have you covered! Chew your nails in fright as the fearless team saves Fairy Village from the clutches of the Land of Halloween! Sadly this won’t publish in time for actual Halloween on the advice of my team, but it will be around for the gloomy and cold middle ofContinue reading “Fairy Knights 4 Spookiness Incoming!”

Dames Handsome releases the fourth book in the Fairy Knights series:

Gimpo Si, South Korea – On November 16th, Dames Handsome will release Trees’n Tricks, the fourth book in his Fairy Knights series. Get ready for a mashup of spooky creatures doing wacky things, a rather serious high-stakes clash, and fairy tale references from Western Europe, Russia, and Korea. A fun read for Halloween fans, this spooky monster adventure is also an opportunity for children to explore, have fun, and level up.