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Hi, I’m Thomas Shuler, author of the Isekai Kids Children’s Novels

I’ve always enjoyed playing Role-Playing Games, or RPGs with my kids. Over the years, they have explored the Caves of Chaos, searched for Treasure on the Isle of Dread, and have chased pirates through the streets of Sasserine.

But kids do grow up and begin their own lives as adults. But fortunately, grandkids come along! So while I wait for my grandkids to get old enough to roll dice and have adventures, I’m writing the stories I hope they get to explore!

The first book is Isekai Kids: Portal to a New World

Olivia, Grant, and Jimmy each find a mysterious game cartridge while browsing their neighborhood garage sales. The game is far more than it seems, as it magically transports them to the Magical Land of Otherworld!

There, they begin their journey of explorations and discovery, learn how to work together as a team, and the power of friendship!

The first book is available here:

The second book, The Lair of the Black Goblin, is currently being edited for publication.

The third book, The Ghost Pirates is almost finished with the first draft and will be available soon.

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